Pinecone Cookie Best Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Here are the Best Toppings for the Pinecone Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

In a world where Cookies have lost their Heroes, it’s the duty of other Cookies to prevent the complete extinction of their race. Rise from the ashes and build your dynasty again in order to defeat the Dark Enchantress Cookie. There are several cookies standing shoulder-to-shoulder like GingerBrave, Strawberry Cookie, Wizard Cookie, etc. Apart from them, a Pinecone Cookie is an addition made through the Stories by the Fireplace update. Every Cookie in this game has its own set of skills and abilities. They can further obtain some additional buffs by equipping certain Toppings. Similarly, a Pinecone Cookie can also receive some benefit from the toppings. Hence, check out this guide that features the Best Topping for a Pinecone Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Best Toppings Build for Pinecone Cookie in CRK

Best Toppings For Pinecone Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Pinecone is a Bomber-type cookie in this game that specializes in dealing with multiple enemies. These are perfect Tank Cookies to have on your team. Its Pinecone Bomb attack is one of the most useful offenses to use while in a battle. Who would want to miss a chance to hit an enemy with this effective attack? Hence, in my opinion, adding 5x Swift Chocolate Topping on the Pinecone Cookie is the best option in Cookie Run Kingdom. The Swift Chocolate Topping effectively reduces the Cooldown period for a Cookie. And it will eventually allow you to use the Pinecone Bomb attack multiple times without having to wait much.

Moreover, a Pinecone Cookie mostly stands in the front position. So, it’s necessary for the Cookie to have better damage resistance. So, you can also add a Topping that increases the Damage Resistance. Here, you would want to add a Solid Almond Topping to the Pinecone Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. So you can distribute it as 3x Swift Chocolate and 2x Solid Chocolate Toppings to make an ideal build for Pinecone Cookie.

For your reference, I have made a table of Toppings with the benefits they bring to the deck.

Topping Effect
Bouncy Caramel Increases ATK Speed
Fresh Kiwi Weakens Debuff Effects
Hard Walnut Increases Defense
Healthy Peanut Increases HP
Hearty Hazelnut Increases CRIT Resist
Juicy Apple Jelly Increases CRIT %
Searing Raspberry Increases ATK
Solid Almond Increases DMG Resist
Sweet Candy Amplifies Buff
Swift Chocolate Decreases Cooldown Period

From the above table, you can find a perfect Topping for your Cookie in CRK.

That was our pick on the best Toppings for Pinecone Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. While you are here, make sure to check out our other CRK guide on the Best Topping for BTS Cookies.