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Toilet Tower Defense Best Units Tier List (September 2023)

These are the best Units of Roblox Toilet Tower Defense. Use them to clear waves of enemies.

Assign these Toilet Tower Defense tier list Units to defend your city from the wave of enemies. The Units of this list have been ranked based on their overall capability and growth. We compared their damage, DPS, cooldown, attack radius, damage type, and selling price to select and create a ranking. New Units are frequently added in different electronic families like TVs, speakers, and cameras. So make sure to bookmark this tier list to get the latest ranking.

Toilet Tower Defense Units Tier List (September 2023)

Toilet Tower Defense Units Ranked

This tier list is divided into six sections: S+, S, A+, A, B, and C. S+ tier Units are the strongest. S tier characters are also strong and comparatively easier to obtain than S+. A+ are mostly part of summon, and many players trade them, so you get them without much hassle. A tier Units are those you can solo use for the hard level to clear fifteen to twenty waves. If you are going with a team, using B in hard will be enough to clear waves. C-tier units can clear twenty waves in easy mode when properly placed.

S+ Tier Units

  • Upgraded Titan Cameraman
  • Upgraded Titan Speakerman
  • Titan Cinemaman

S Tier Units

  • Titan TV Man
  • Secret Agent
  • Titan Cameraman
  • Camera Helicopter
  • Mech Cameraman

A+ Tier List Units

  • Jetpack Cameraman
  • Surveillance Camerawoman
  • Laser Cameraman Car
  • Titan Speakerman
  • Medic Cameraman
  • Dark Speakerman

A Tier List

  • Spider TV
  • Engineer Cameraman
  • Large Scientist Cameraman
  • Ninja Cameraman
  • Large TV Man
  • Scientist Cameraman
  • Speaker Helicopter

B Tier Units

  • Large Cameraman
  • Large Speakerman
  • Camera Repair Drone
  • Camera Spider
  • Speaker Spider
  • TV Woman

C Tier Units

  • Cameraman
  • Camerawoman
  • TV Man
  • Car Speakerman
  • Speakerman

Use these Toilet Tower Defense tier Units to conquer easy, hard, and HQ modes. If you are short on money and are looking for ways to earn it fast, check our Toilet Tower Defense codes list. And while you are here, skim through our site to read other Roblox guides.