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The Cycle Frontier Beginners Tips & Tricks Guide

If you have just started The Cycle Frontier, we recommend you check out this beginners guide for tips and tricks to thrive in Fortuna III.

The Cycle Frontier is a first-person shooter game created keeping a cross-genre PvPvE combination in mind. It involves elements of player versus player and player versus environment on the vast lands of Fortuna III. If you are one of the many beginners in the game, you might face it difficult to survive the vast lands. While this guide will not get you to the top, it will certainly give you an upper hand to thrive in Fortuna III. So let’s check out this beginners guide without further ado and get the tips and tricks for the Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier Tips and Tricks for Beginners (Guide)

The Cycle Frontier Beginners Guide

While you battle the enemies that spawn on Fortuna III, you are in a constant fight with other players. And then in midst of battle, you need to keep an eye on your resources. As a beginner, gathering a lot of this information can be overwhelming. Thus we have this beginners guide for the Cycle Frontier players with the tips and tricks they need to survive.

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation Tips and Tricks
Image Source: Kibbles – Video Game DataBank [YouTube]
One common mistake most beginners make is carrying more resources than necessary. Even though you need resources to survive the vast lands, overdoing might just be troublesome in the long run. Since you lose all resources except the ones you save in the safe pocket, carrying extra items is not just a burden but also a loss if you die.

That is why Resource Allocation is quite necessary for the Cycle Frontier. You need to calculate in advance what you may need and carry that at max. Since the game is objective-oriented, this also creates space to carry items back to Prospect Station.

Avoid Shooting Striders

Cycle Frontier Melee Striders

While this is only applicable in the Bright Sands map and not the Crescent Falls, this is one of the important tips and tricks for beginners. Shooting a strider in Bright Sands is equivalent to signing a death sentence. The sound of gunfire can alert any enemies hunting you and draw a potential battle close to you.

You can just melee Striders in the Cycle Frontier by going close a pressing V. Since they are hostile and already sensed you, you can just wait for them to run to you. Additionally, on Bright Sands, they are a one-shot kill.

Successful Evacuation

Cycle Frontier Succesful Evac Tips and Tricks

This is one of the most important tips and tricks in this Cycle Frontier Beginners Guide. Since your evacuation ship does not have any room for cover, you need to hold off your evac till the last second.

Although the evac drops of players are different and unique, someone close to your evac drop can spot the ship landing and kill you before you can successfully evac. All your hard work in vain and loot lost. So you need to wait till the alarms start to ring and sprint inside before the doors close.

Plan Your Drops

Plan Your Drops

As mentioned earlier, the Cycle Frontier is more of an objective-oriented game. As you complete objectives for different factions, you will be tasked to loot items from Fortuna III and deliver to the respective factions. So it is of significant importance that you plan your drops beforehand.

Additionally, it is also important that you plan your drops and add the secret locations on both maps. You need to get keys to unlock these locations in the Cycle Frontier. Although not every location has a good risk-reward ratio, you can check out this Keycard Tier List to assist your drops.

Stamina Monitoring

Stamina Monitoring Beginners Guide

Stamina Monitoring is one of the most important things while you are in the vast lands of Fortuna III. Not only will it shape your entire game, but also be a helping hand in battle. Stamina helps jump, run, and even swing your ax or knife. All of which you will not be able to perform if you lose your stamina.

Additionally, the panting noise due to lack of stamina might also attract creatures or other players nearby. While you may like to sprint from one location to another, conserving your Stamina will help you survive better.

These are all the tips and tricks you need from this Cycle Frontier Beginners guide. While you are here, make sure you do not miss out on our Cycle Frontier guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.