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The Cycle Frontier: Keycard Tier List

Here's the tier list for all Keycard in the vast lands of Fortuna III in the Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier is a first-person shooter game created keeping a cross-genre PvPvE combination in mind. It involves elements of player versus player and player versus environment on the vast lands of Fortuna III. While in the Bright Sands vast lands, loots and resources are spread around including those behind locked doors. Although Key Cards open these locations, if you are wondering which one to hit, this guide has all you need. So let’s check out this tier list for all the Keycard in the Cycle Frontier.

Keycard Tier List for the Cycle Frontier


The Cycle Frontier Keycard Tier List

The below tier list is based on the risk and value of each location of the keycard. The progression and loot value of each item has also been taken into consideration during the formation of the list. Here’s how the Bright Sands keycard fare with respect to the above conditions. If you are not aware of how to farm and get keys, we recommend you check out our guide on it first.

Tier Keycard
S Luggage Safe Room
S Server Room
S Community Key
A Boss Key
A Mine Access
A Armory
A Bar Key
A Loose House
B Nutrition Farms
B Observation Room
B Garage
C Skeleton
C Labs Key
D Janitors Key
D Tallhouse


Since this game includes the element of PvP along with the PvE feature, the tier list is affected by the value of loot compared to the chances of players dying. Owing to multiple camping regions in and around the locked doors it is always dangerous to loot some locations.

Although some loots are just too good to be ignored and that has been reflected on the top of the tier list. Additionally, keycard are best kept in the Safe Pocket as their durability allows you to loot more than once.

That’s all you need from this Keycard tier list for the Cycle Frontier. While you are here, make sure you check out our Cycle Frontier guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.