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The Cycle Frontier: How To Farm & Get Keys

Here is the best way you can farm and get Keys in the Cycle Frontier to open and loot high tier rooms on the map.

The Cycle Frontier is a first-person shooter game created keeping a cross-genre PvPvE combination in mind. It involves elements of player versus player and player versus environment on the vast lands of Fortuna III. While there are always resources and items to loot from different locations on the map. There is also high-tier loot waiting for you to farm them. These loots are usually hidden behind locked doors on the map and can be unlocked with certain keys. If you wish to try and farm this loot, we recommend you go through this guide. As keys are necessary to open the locks, this guide will show you how to farm and get them in Cycle Frontier and the locations to use them.

How to Farm & Get Keys in the Cycle Frontier

All Locked Doors in Cycle Frontier

Keys or Keycards do not have any specified spawn locations in the game. Each region has a different type of key identified by the color-coding specified for the region. The best way to farm and get these keys are by looting jackets, safes, and cabinets in the regions you loot. While doing this, you might be able to loot quite a lot more than just Cycle Frontier.

The color-coding of keycards for the specified region is:

  • Yellow – You can use these in regions of Bright Sands.
  • Blue – You can use these in regions of Crescent Falls.

Once you get any keycard, we recommend you hide it in your safe pocket. Additionally, as you do so there is a chance you can use the key more than once as some of them are durable. Along with the safe pocket, you do have to stay alive.

All Locations to Use Keys in the Cycle Frontier

Once you have farmed the keycards for the regions, you need to access the locations that they open and acquire the loot. Travel to the following locations and use the keycards to get the loot in the locked rooms.

Bright Sands Keys Locations The Cycle Frontier

Bright Sands All Keys Locations Cycle Frontier

Luggage Safe Keys

As you travel to the Base Camp, head up to the first floor and go towards the back of the room marked with an A on the entrance. This is quite an important area and we recommend you be on the lookout for other players.

Mine Access Keys

At the north end of the Bright Sands, you can reach the Abandoned Mine. You will find the locked room inside and once you use the Cycle Frontier key, you will gain access to the loot.

Tallhouse Keys

The tallest building in Woodcutter Camp holds the locked room that you can open with the Tallhouse Key. While inside, you can loot the container and weapon crate.

Skeleton Keys

While in the Swamp Camp, locate the locked room and use the Skeleton Key. Upon opening, you can loot the container, safe, and weapon crate inside.

Observation Room Keys

As you loot the premises of Vaccine Lab, head upstairs to find the locked door. Unlock it with the Observation Room Key to acquire the loot inside.

Server Access Keys

While in the Comms Tower, head towards the building on the south and go upstairs. You will be able to locate the locked room which unlocks with the Server Access Key in the Cycle Frontier.

Armory Keys

Go to the Jungle Camp and head to the top of the small building and then unlock the locked door with Armory Key. This will enable you to take all the loot.

Crescent Falls Keys Locations The Cycle Frontier

Crescent Falls All Keys Locations Cycle Frontier

Community Room Keys

While in the Favelas, you can find the locked door almost halfway through the structures. Unlock it with the Community Room Key to get access to the weapon crate and some containers.

Loose House Keys

Along with the Community Room Key, there is another locked door right behind the first one in the Favelas. The Loose House Key will open this locked room.

Overseer Office Keys

While in the processing section of the Nutrition Farm, head up the stairs near the conveyor belts to locate the locked room. Use the Overseer Office Key to unlock this room and get the loot inside.

Labs Keys

Travel to the Pinnacle Labs and then locate the locked room before the glass tunnel towards the north. Use the Labs Key to acquire all the loot inside.

Janitors Keys

When you travel to Starport Admin, head downstairs to find three locked rooms. Unlock them all to get quite a lot of loot.

Boss Keys

While the Janitors Key is used downstairs, when you head up on the northern side of Starport Admin, you can locate the locked rooms. Unlock the rooms with the Boss Key and acquire all the loot.

Garage Keys

Travel to the Greens Prospect and then head to the garage to find the locked door. The Garage Key will unlock it for you to loot.

Bar Keys

Along with Garage Key, Greens Prospect holds another locked room upstairs in the Tipsy Drone bar. As you use the Bar Key, you can loot the jackets, briefcases, containers, and safes inside.

That’s all you need on how to farm and get keys in the Cycle Frontier along with all the locations you can use them. While you are here, make sure you check out our Cycle Frontier guides, tips, and tricks with Gamer Tweak.