What Are Timely Accessories In Final Fantasy 16? (Explained)

Timely Accessories will make the battle easier for you. Check out how the rings work in Final Fantasy XVI.

In FF16, the devs have introduced Timely Accessories to make the player’s life easier. This is one of the optional tools that are available to provide you with a better gameplay experience. Using it will allow you to experiment with different difficulty combinations depending on how easy you want the battles to be. There are 5 Timely Accessories rings you can choose from in the early stages of the game. If you want to know more about these tools, then we will explain it all to you. Simply scroll down and you’ll find everything you need to know about all the Timely Accessories In Final Fantasy 16.

How do the FF16 Timely Accessories Work?

What Are Timely Accessories In Final Fantasy 16? (Explained)
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In FF16, the Timely Accessories help you ease up the combat and customize the game difficulty. As there are 5 types of Rings available, each of them will aid you in a particular combat aspect. It’s you who has to choose the right ring for the Gear slots in order to get the gameplay experience you are looking for. The rings are especially useful for players who are not a fan of Action Focused difficulty and aim for better Story Focused gameplay. Below are the types of rings you’ll get to choose from in the game.

  • Ring of Timely Evasion
  • Ring of Timely Focus
  • Ring of Timely Strikes
  • Ring of Timely Assistance
  • Ring of Timely Healing

The Action Focused players will still get to use the Timely Accessories, but can only equip any 3 of them. Whereas, Story-Focused players can use all the rings at once, without any restrictions. With that being said, let’s check out how every Timely Accessories ring works and what kind of effect each of them provides in FF16.

Uses of Ring of Timely Evasion

The Ring of Timely Evasion will give Clive lightning-quick reflexes and allow him to evade attacks automatically. It surely eases up the battle and relieves you from worrying about the defense. However, do note, this ring only evades the attack that can be evaded. So make sure you don’t get you don’t play the battle rashly and avoid getting into problematic situations.

Uses of Ring of Timely Focus

This Timely Accessory tends to slow the time before any evadable attack. It focuses on giving you time to come up with a plan before getting hit by the enemy. But don’t forget, the effect of this ring is deactivated if you’ve already equipped the Ring of Timely Evasion.

story focused easy battles by using the timely Accessories in FF16

Uses of Ring of Timely Strikes

This is one of the best Timely Accessories to use in FF16. The Ring of Timely Strikes allows the player to perform complex ability combinations just by pressing the Square button. Yes, that’s all you’ll have to do in order to execute a high damage-dealing attack. Using this ring is especially recommended for players who are new to this type of game.

Uses of Ring of Timely Assistance

The Ring of Timely Assistance comes into play when you’ve unlocked the Torgal, the hound. The dog will be your loyal companion and help Clive out in battles. But for that, the player will have to equip this ring, which will automate the Torgal’s actions.

Uses of Ring of Timely Healing

Last but not least, the Ring of Timely Healing is another important Timely Accessory that can come in handy during deadly battles. It automatically uses a potion whenever the Clive is in need. So you don’t have to be worried about using potions after the HP reaches a certain level.

That is all you need to know about how every Timely Accessories ring work in FF16. If you’re having hard-time fighting enemies with shield protection, then check out how to break their guard. Also, know more about what Clive’s face tattoo mean in Final Fantasy 16.