Lies Of P Throwing Cell Farm Locations: How To Get, Buy & Use

Want to deal electrifying damage to enemies? Check out our Lies of P Throwing Cell farm guide to know how to get and buy these throwable items.

It is crucial to farm Throwing Cells in Lies of P if you are looking to deal Electric Blitz effect on the enemies. Similar to the Thermite, this item deals AoE damage around your enemies. Rather than any fire damage, throwing this item deals an electric shock effect to your enemies. Since enemies affected by this damage tend to regain stamina slowly, you can deal with hordes of enemies quite easily. You can also build the shock debuff by throwing these electric batteries during ranged combat. But as players progress, they are unable to find and farm these Throwing objects. Don’t worry, find out the best Throwing Cell farming locations and where to buy these objects.

How to Get Throwing Cell in Lies of P (Best Farming Locations)

The best Throwing Cell farm location in Lies of P is close to the Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. For that, you must defeat and loot the two Butler Puppets located on the lower platform near the Stargazer. You can also find plenty of these Throwing objects by looting enemies around the Elysion Boulevard location.

But if you didn’t grab as many objects, here are other farming spots for Throwing Cells:

  • Located on a platform close to the Medium Carcass enemy in Hermit’s Cave.
  • Near the Workshop Union Stargazer.
  • Next to a stage to the right after defeating White Lady at Rosa Isabelle Street entrance.

Where to Buy Throwing Cells

Lies Of P Throwing Cell Farm
Image Source – Gaming Tornedo on YouTube.

You can buy the Throwing Cells in Lies of P by heading to the Wandering Merchants. While only selected merchants sell these objects, they are the easiest NPCs to purchase these items. A single unit of Throwing Cell costs you 400 Ergo. So, here are all the locations where you can find out the Wandering merchant NPCs:

  • Near the Krat Central Station Plaza (Cersani Alley Stargazer)
  • Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard
  • Malum District
  • Inside the Lorenzini Arcade

If you are in Malum District, you can also head to the Black Market Trader located inside Red Lobster Inn. Over here, you can buy up to 11 Throwing cells at once unless you have enough Ergo.

How to Use Throwing Cells (Combat)

As mentioned earlier, you can use the Throwing cells in Lies of P during combat to inflict electric blitz shock on your enemies.

  • While your enemies won’t slow down immediately, it will take them more time to replenish their stamina bar.
  • So, we recommend dodging their attacks and depleting their stamina entirely.
  • Then, attack with your primary weapon to eliminate them quickly.

That’s all about the Lies of P Throwing Cell farm. If you found this guide helpful, check out our more guides to find out the best boss weapons, how to upgrade the Legion Arm, and explore more Lies of P Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.