Best Lies of P Boss Weapons

We will talk about the best boss weapons in Lies of P, each with unique abilities and scaling for Motivity and Technique builds.

In the dark world of Lies of P, the fiercest opponents you’ll face are formidable bosses guarding coveted treasures. Defeating each boss is a true test of skill, but their rewards make the challenges well worth it. Some of the most powerful weapons in the game come directly from boss souls. We’ll explain the best boss weapons you can obtain in Lies of P.

Best Boss Weapons in Lies of P

Best Boss Weapons In Lies of P

Proof of Humanity (Motivity/Technique Builds)

This versatile greatsword boasts high damage scaling in both Motivity and Technique, making it a beast for quality builds. With its fast combos and access to Link Slash and Grind Fable Arts, you can dish out punishment rapidly. Dual wield attacks like sweeping cross and spinning slashes also hit multiple foes.

Two Dragons Sword (Technique Build)

Light and agile, this katana rewards evasive players with its amazing scaling in Technique. Unleash its deadly Wind of Swords to clear crowds. Charge attacks allow devastating parries, too. Perfect for technical combatants seeking counters.

Noblesse Oblige (Motivity Build)

Pure physical power is what you get from this massive club’s exceptional Motivity scaling. Its Ergo release lets you smash anything with boosted strength. Hits like a truck despite its weight, just the level of Vigor to utilize heavy attacks safely.

Golden Lie (Motivity/Technique Builds)

Versatility is key with this weapon’s balanced Motivity/Technique scaling. Wide sweeps and tremendous range make it excel against groups. Twirl with Furious Golden Hits to rapidly stagger all enemies. Storm Attack also provides AoE damage – ideal for tough bosses. Additionally, low weight means swift attacks while still packing power.

How to Get Boss Weapons

You can exchange unique items dropped by bosses for powerful weapons and amulets. To do so, you’ll need to seek out the Alidoro. He can be found in the library area of St. Frangelico Cathedral after exploring the winding cellars and riding an elevator to the top of a repository chamber.

Speak with Alidoro and tell him about the safe area of Hotel Krat to initiate trades. He will then move to the lobby corner near another NPC. When trading boss items, called Ergo, you can pick one weapon or one amulet as a reward.

That’s all on best boss weapons in Lies of P. For more help on other topics of this game be sure to check our Lies of P section.