What To Do After Completing the Palworld Tutorial?

Here is a list of important tasks that you must do after completing the Tutorial Mission in Palworld.

Once you have taken a grip on the basics in Palworld, you will completely be on your own. There will be so much to explore but no definite guide on your next goal or objective. While you are given instructions throughout the tutorial phase, which is obvious, there are barely any tasks given thereafter. This makes it very indecisive and confusing whether to do this or that. But I assure you that once you are given a proper direction, things may begin to unfold for you.

In this guide, we will explain all the stuff that you’re supposed to do after completing the Tutorial in Palworld. So if you are among those confused souls looking for a signal, this is the right place for you to get started.

Things to do After Completing the Tutorial in Palworld

The Tutorial mission will set the right tone by providing you with tasks like building a Primitive Workbench, Crafting Pal Sphere and Palbox, Capturing Pals, and Creating and Leveling up your Base. These are some of the important elements of the game that you must know about. Anyways, once you are done with the Electric-type Pal boss fight during the Tutorial, you are free to explore the Palpagos Island. And during that time, this is what you need to do:

Expand your Base

Expanding Base after Completing the Tutorial in Palworld
Working on the Base to Expand and Enhance it

It goes without saying that you need to upgrade your base by installing new structures on it. This is done by investing Technology Points in the Technology tab. Having new and latest structures or facilities at your base ensures a smoother progression.

Capture Pals

Aside from doing chores on your base, your other important job is to catch Pals. You will find a lot of them wandering across the Island and you can catch them using the Pal Sphere. Not only do you need them for combat, but also for doing chores on your base. For example, a Pal with a Kindling Trait (such as Foxsparks) can help you ignite the Cooking Pot or Furnace. Likewise, there are several other Pals with different Work Suitability Traits that can help you in doing different work.

Aside from capturing the regular Pals, you can also hunt down Alpha Pals. They are the rarer version of the regular Pals with better stats and appearance.

Beat all the Tower Bosses

All Palworld Bosses to Beat After Completing the Tutorial
All Tower Bosses in Palworld

One important thing to do after completing the Tutorial in Palworld is to beat the antagonists. They reside inside the Towers which can be found on each section of the map. Each part of the map has one Tower that is home to a Trainer and its Pal. Beating them will require building strategies and upgrading your Pals.

Complete Paldeck

This might not be one of your primary objectives but completing the Paldeck is fun. You have ample time to explore the map and catch Pals that are rarer and can serve better. Not only that, you can bring together a Male and Female Pal to breed them and obtain a unique Pal. This is something unique indeed.

Collect Legendaries

Besides upgrading the Pals, you can also collect Legendary Schematics and enhance your character. The Palpagos Island is house to many Legendary Armor, Weapons, and Accessories. You can collect their Schematics and craft them on a workbench to obtain their benefit. This ain’t a primary objective as well, so you can save it for the endgame period.

These are some of the tasks that you must do after completing the Tutorial mission in Palworld. If you are stuck at any point in the game, feel free to browse through our dedicated space for Palworld Guides to seek help.