The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 12 – Finding Owen

In this part TLOU2 Walkthrough Abby willingly goes on a mission to find Owen. He is left at the Aquarium and their leader is not ready to send any help.

In the previous part of Last of Us 2 Walkthrough, the game switched to Abby. It is like playing from start, and now its time to learn more about her. In the previous part, Abby was able to survive the Scar’s ambush, she made her way safely to the FOB, and now what’s next? During the interaction with Nora, Abby learns Owen has not returned back. Even after being stopped for the mission, she chooses to go for his friend. And this is where Abby aims to reach the Ferris Wheel, somewhat similar to Ellie who wants to go to the same place to find Tommy.

Finding Owen

Follow Manny and after checking go left. Interact with the women who are checking the map in the tent on right. There is workbench on the opposite side. Go to the Medical Tent, and on the right below curtains, you will find Mel. This starts a cutscene and then follow Nora, after passing through the bodies she will reveal the tragic incident with Danny and what happens to Owen. Continue following Manny into a building that seems like some kind of prison, head to the lift. You will meet Isaac who seems like to be the head of the clan. Isaac does not agree with Abby and the story continues forward because she chooses to go for Owen. The game switches to a flashback showing Abby and Owen playing at the Ferris Wheel.

Swim and follow Owen after the cutscene, and there will be a short aquarium trip. Then get into the boat and check the inner deck for clothes and drawings. Jump to the right of the boat and walk towards the left upper region. There is a locked door, but both will jump to the other side. Walkthrough the tunnel and you will be in front of a massive whale.

TLOU2 Abby Owen Acquarium

Owen will sit down and relax at the front desk. Look on the right below the round sign, in between the plants there is hand-drawn painting. Go to the upper floor and then enter the room on right, grab the letter from the skeleton’s hand near the sofa. Follow Owen back to the lower area, and the door below the huge round sign can now be unlocked. Follow Owen again and he will ask you to come down through the lift area and then towards a dome shape aquarium. There is a cutscene here after which a second one begins where Manny and Abby were discussing finding Owen. A similar journey we had seen before when Ellie was on her way to the Ferris wheel, its now Manny and Abby. Just follow him to the gate and then you are on your own.

Path to the Ferris Wheel

Starting from the gate go straight, and then take two stairs down. You will be in a house with some Japanese artwork. Climb up to exit from the left corner. On the streets look on your left for a car and a truck to climb up. Access the window and in the drawer of this room, you will find some coins. Be ready to fight a Flicker, when you squeeze through the gap. You will be attacked, use your rifle instead of the pistol to kill the infected.

Go on the other side of the room, there are some metal parts and supplements in the bathroom and living area. Jump towards the roof crawl down the hole on the left. You will see some painting on the wall. There is another broken wall on the left corner, it will take you inside the building.

Before squeeze through the cabinet stay in a crouch position to avoid the infected. The truck sound will drive him away use your Listen ability to track down more. There is a front desk on the left ideal for hiding. Finally, towards the exit you will find a Flicker, now as Ellie, you can never kill this infected in stealth mode. But as Abby, the Craft Shiv skill will allow you to attack this flicker and kill it quietly with two strikes. But you will need to craft the weapon first.

TLOU2 Abby Stealth Attack

Sneak from behind and press triangle to use Shiv. Press L1 to dodge and then press Triangle again. After dealing with it go outside and climb up to jump into a back alley. Go to the left, your path towards the Ferris Wheel is straight ahead. But first, it is best to scan the houses in the alley, you will find a shotgun and training manual.

  1. Break the window of the first shop with sign Jasmine, and there is a safe inside. The safe code is 68-89-89. It has a training manual that unlocks the Close Quarters branch of the skill tree. It focuses on improving the skills of melee combat. Below is the list of skills you will unlock under the Close Quarters branch.
    • Momentum  – After killing an enemy with a STRIKE, for a short time your next melee attack will also be a STRIKE. Cost 40 Supplements.
    • Craft Improved Health Kits – Craft more effective health kits. Cost 50 Supplements.
    • Aim Stability Increase – Improve aiming stability and accuracy while moving. +100% Stability and +00% Accuracy. Cost 20 Supplements.
    • Faster Health Kits – Increase the speed of using a health kit. +100% speed. Cost 50 Supplements.
    • Momentum Duration – +70% Duration. Cost 50 Supplements.
  2. Second shop has an open door and Healing has a supplement on the right shelves.
  3. The third shop looks like a bar, you have to go upstairs kill two flickers and jump towards the balcony of the shop on the opposite. Then go left and turn right. Before you jump into the hole on the floor, look near the fan on the right corner. There is an Egg, collect that, go down and you will be attacked by Runners. A double-barrel shotgun is in the drawer of the front desk.

How to cross the China Gate?

TLOU2 Abby Ferris Wheel

You can choose what to take and what to leave, just walk to the end of the alley, to continue the game. You will see a huge gate on the right and a platform towards it on the right. There is a way on the left of the container that will give you access to the stairs to go up. Walk to the end and jump down right in front of the game, there is a small opening in the fence that will help you to finally cross it.

In this new grassy area, you will hear the sounds of the infected. You will have to use the plantation to cover yourself, along with this there are Scars on the right end. They are in the buildings, you cannot sneak pass them through the grass. With the help of Listen Ability go inside and kill them in stealth. Finally, after killing them all you will be able to see the Ferris Wheel is not that far.

Make your way back to the streets, which includes crawling below the debris and facing more Scars guards. Inside a massive building, you will find a lot of guards, avoid making any noise. You cannot get caught until you are on the ground. Look for a hole on the floor, jump down and run straight towards the sunlight. But things will not go as planned, no matter how many Scars you kill.

Abby will be caught and the game switches to a flashback story once again. We will continue that in the Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 12. For more latest tips and tricks, guide, complete Last of Us 2 Walkthrough check our TLOU2 Wiki guide.