The Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 11 – Playing as Abby

In this part you will be playing as Abby, Ellie's story is now over. There will be a long Abby's gameplay here and we will see what really happened that leads to war between both the girls.

In the last part of our Last of Us Part 2 Walkthrough, we saw how Ellie struggled to reach the Ferris Wheel and found the Aquarium. Things did not go well there and after a tragic incident, she leaves with her friends. Her quest of finding Abby is not over yet. But in this part, we will be going through Abby’s side of the story, how she turns into a killer and what really changed her.

Abby’s Story

After the unfortunate event, Tommy and Jesse find Ellie, and they are all back to the Theater. You will find Tommy near the stage, and in the next cutscene, Abby joins in. The game switches to a 4 year older memory sequence where you will now play as young Abby. She is trying to find her father in the jungle, after reaching a dead-end, on the left of shack crawl down crawl into the restroom. Grab the bottom from the ground and break the glass on the top right of the window above the basin.

TLOU2 Abby's Missions

You can climb up from there, outside there is a coin on the garbage bin collect it. Pull the bin towards the wall and then climb up on the roof. Jump on the roof of the other room, and jump to the right. You will see the gate of this zoo. Abby will slip down to the ground, his father arrives.

Just follow him after the cutscene, you will cross the playground until a next scene reveals a Zebra. Owen comes in to help and share details about Ellie. You will continue playing as Abby after the cutscene ends which shows the crucial twist that leads to a massacre. Go to the operation theater and take the first door on the left. The next cutscene will interlink everything, and it will also reveal why Ellie and Tommy were not killed during the Joel, Abby encounter.

Firefly Head Quarters

You will be exploring this headquarter for the first time, there is a massive gym, a school, etc. Keep following Manny to the canteen area. They seem more organized, towards the food counter talk to Jordan. Just explore the area and then stand in the food line. Walk towards the door and Manny will take you to your room. Collect your backpack, it is near the bed at the left end corner.

Fireflies Headquarters

You will have to interact with one of the dogs, walk inside the cage after they stopped to check papers. Play the fetch game for some time and exit from the right gate. Continue following until you reach the practice. Shooting exactly on the head will give you 10 points. You can practice more if you want, the door on the left leads to the weapons room. Unlike Ellie she finds weapons in the open world, Abby has everything inside the headquarters. Do not forget to grab enough ammo, you will be facing a lot of enemies ahead. Crafting works exactly the same, hit the touch-pad to unlock the menu.

This is like playing Last of Us Part 2 again but now as Abby. You will be finding manuals, supplements, etc to unlock skills. Finding workbenches to upgrade weapons. Thankfully there will be less walking because there is a vehicle. Soon you will be attacked, you will have to shoot down the enemies from the moving vehicle.

How to exit the Hardware Store?

TLOU2 Abby

The entire sequence ends with a crash, follow Manny into the building. This will give you some break from the fight. You will unlock Pipe Bomb Recipe here, which requires Alcohol, Canister, and Explosives. Be ready to kill some infected in this building, and the existing is the massive hole in the wall on top. Walk towards the hole and turn right, climb up on plywood and grab the axe first. Continue walking on the narrow platform on left and go right. You will see a desk with some chairs, collect supplements from the table.

Jump to the left platform, but Abby falls the sound attracts all the infected in the building. Focus on helping your friends when they are ambushed, a bloater will appear in the end. Three bullets, he will fall and explode. Be sure to be far away, after killing all walk towards the gate.

TLOU2 Abby TLOU2 Plant Nursery

To exit this plant nursery, look for an old car right below the opening. Climb up and you are out, the next goal is to reach the safe house. The group which attacked called themselves as Scars.

Towards the FOB

Manny will stop at a point, look for yellow stairs. The door is locked, but there is a rope on the left end. Climb up and help Manny to grab the cable, wait for him to throw the cable back and then climb up. Do not jump down from the hole in the roof you will die instantly. Grab the cable you used for climbing and then jump. You will not have to move the huge cabinet way from the door to let Mel come inside. Just on the left of the stairs, there is a workbench. You can use it to upgrade your weapons. Abby has pretty good inventory, the auto-rifle can be enhanced with upgrades using the Metal Parts.

Follow Manny towards a huge blue door, Manny and the dog will be able to pass by Mel and Abby will be left behind as the lever breaks. On the left of the gate stand near the locked fenced door, and Mel will climb up. She will unlock a door that you can access by using the stairs near the workbench.

TLOU2 Yatch

Grab the metal platform from the right, and place it on the boat. There is a Training Manual inside the boat that unlock Field Tactics Skill Branch. Below is the list Abby’s skills can unlock under this branch.

  1. Craft Shivs – Craft 2 shivs that allow for instant stealth kills against most enemies. They can also be used to break free when grabbed by a clicker. It requires binding and blade. Cost 20 Supplements.
  2. Listen Mode Movement Speed 1 – Move faster in Listen Mode. Hold R1 to sense nearby enemies through Walls. +50% Movement Speed. Cost 40 Supplements.
  3. Grabbed Enemy Movement Speed – Move faster while holding a hostage, allowing you to quickly reposition while shielding yourself or attempting a stealth kill. +50% Hostage Movement Speed. Cost 50 Supplements.
  4. Faster Prone Movement – Move faster while prone. Hold Circle to go prone. +50% Movement Speed. Cost 40 Supplements.
  5. Craft More Shivs – Increase your efficiency at crafting shivs, producing more from the same resources. Craft Amount 3, Inventory Capacity – 6. Cost 50 Supplements.

TLOU2 Roof Escape

You can unlock the first one Craft Shivs, that is going to help you during the stealth mode. Now grab the rope from the deck of the boat and throw it on the left end side. Grab the metal platform and place it in front You can now reach the rope, use it to climb up, follow Mel. The last stairs will take you to the roof of this massive building, the next task is to get down. But is easy because there are stairs at the corner just follow Mel and you will be safely down.

Towards the Rail yard

Abby will have to cross the rail yard to reach FOB. Follow your friends they will lead the way, after turning right into an area with grasses keep looking on the right corner. There is a crack in the wall and you will find a safe inside that has a hunting pistol. The safe password is 17-38-07, unlock, and collect the rewards. Railyard is not a safe place to pass until now faced no enemies. But there will be Scars, and they are hunting down the wolves. Use the plantation around to stay in cover, with the help of Listen Ability you can avoid enemies in the group. And take them down one by one in stealth.

You will have to make your way to the end of the rail yard, climb on the left boxes between red and blue containers. Climb further ride, and walk towards the gate to the left corner. You will be in a gas station and the Scars will follow you. This is where a pipe bomb will help you, throw it between enemies, it is strong enough to kill multiple.

Abby’s combat is more about weapons, compared to Ellie which more about stealth and melee combat. There is no use of hiding much, pull out your rifle, and start fighting. Focus on headshots to save bullets and stay in cover. Thankfully Abby’s friends will arrive and save everyone from the ambush.

That’s it the team returns to their headquarters and this where we end our Walkthrough. We will continue the story in the Last of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 12. For more latest tips and tricks, guide, complete Last of Us 2 Walkthrough check our TLOU2 Wiki guide.

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