FF16 The Breaker Of Worlds, Atlas Location & Boss Fight Guide

Here is how to find and beat Atlas, The Breaker of Worlds in Final Fantasy 16.

FF16 has brought back the much-loved Hunt system. Clive’s role here is to find and slay bosses – each of them has a different rank. Probably, one of the hardest ones in the Notorious Mark Hunt is the Breaker of Worlds. Also known as Atlas, the construct is an S-Rank Hunt that you will have to find all on your own and slay. Since there are hardly any hints given here, it can prove difficult for many players to find the boss. To help out, we will show you the location of the Breaker of Worlds and how to beat him in Final Fantasy 16.

The Breaker of Worlds, Atlas Location in Final Fantasy 16

the breaker of worlds location final fantasy 16

The Breaker of Worlds is located to the extreme east of Cressida in the Rosario Province and south of the Broken Hilt in Final Fantasy 16. The best way to reach here is to use Eastpool as your fast travel location. You can then travel south until you reach the eastern section of Cressida. Players can also start from Martha’s East and travel directly east to reach the location of Atlas – the Breaker of Worlds. Keep in mind that the Atlas Hunt will only unlock for you after you complete the Out of the Shadow campaign mission of FF16. With the hard part of finding Atlas done, you will now have a herculean task of defeating him. Here are a few tips on how to slay the Breaker of Worlds.

How to Beat Atlas – The Breaker of Worlds in FF16

how to beat atlas in final fantasy 16

Since the Breaker of Worlds will be a Level 45 S Rank, the recommended level for Clive should be in the mid-30s to 40. If you are lower than this, then defeating this boss will be impossible. To beat the Breaker of Worlds in FF16, use Titan’s best Eikonic abilities and look for the right window to counterattack.

The Atlas’ attacks are usually one-shot, so do your best to evade them. If you want to defeat the Breaker of Worlds, then you will need to adopt a defensive strategy. The large construct will swing his sword at you regularly which you can’t avoid as it is too fast to run from. Once he reaches half his HP, he will also use AoE attacks which you will have to dodge. Just keep hitting Atlas as soon as he finishes his attack combo. As the Staggered effect sets in, it is your best chance to unleash your Eikon abilities to slay The Breaker of Worlds once and for all in Final Fantasy 16.

That’s all you need to know on the Breaker of Worlds location and how to beat him in Final Fantasy 16. We hope this guide helped you. For more boss fight strategies like this, visit our FF16 section.