Cookie Run Kingdom Taunt Cookies Guide

Check out this comprehensive guide on Cookies with taunt ability which you can use against enemies in Boss Hunts in Cookie Run Kingdom.

If you are wondering what Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom possess the Taunt ability, then we have got you covered with this comprehensive CRK guide about them. In this mobile game, players will have to find and strategically use different cookies according to their range of abilities. One of the best abilities for defensive purposes is Taunt and it does exactly what you think. It is an undispellable ability and status effect that will force the opponent in range to target all their attacks toward the one who used it. If used properly in Boss Hunts with a boss weak to the ability, it will grant you an easy win in the game. Although very few cookies possess the ability and here is a guide all about them.

Cookie Run Kingdom Taunt Cookies Guide

cookies with taunt ability in cookie run kingdom

There are various types of Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom all with their unique categories, rarity, levels, etc. However, only two of these Cookies come with the taunt ability and they are Milk and Knight respectively. Both of them are defensive cookies and you can use them again bosses weaker to the ability in Boss Hunt. As Boss Hunt is a seasonal mode, players can make it easy for them to get their hands on the rewards with them.

Milk Cookie

He is one of the 62 epic cookies that players will come across in the game. If you are looking for someone to take the helm and defend the front then he is your guy. With the Taunt ability, he will first deal area damage to his opponent and taunt them to forcefully attack only him. The duration for his ability is 5 seconds. He is available for players to unlock since the launch and is one of the strongest among all the Cookies.

Knight Cookie

Knight Cookie is a rare Defense type cookie that you will come across in Cookie Run kingdom. With defensive capabilities like Milk Cookie, he also possesses the taunt ability in the game. He will use an attack called Cavalry Charge where he will charge forward and cause area damage while forcing the enemies to attack him and not other cookies. It lasts for around 3 seconds in the game.

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