Cookie Run Kingdom Best Treasures Tier List

Here are all the Cookie Run Kingdom best treasures ranked in the tier. Use this list to get the upper hand on your opponent.

The treasures in CRK help players by increasing their attack, making skill use faster, and providing a defense boost. There are also some items that increase the amount of coins gained and reduce the enemy’s defense. With so many interesting and useful treasures to collect in the game, listing the most profitable is a must. So this Cookie Run Kingdom best treasures tier list has ranked all of them to make you work faster.

Best Cookie Run Kingdom Treasures Tier List

Best Treasures Tier List CRK

This best treasures tier list for CRK is divided into seven tiers, starting from S+ and ending with C. S+ tier items are the most desirable and useful treasures, while C is the least recommended among all.  This list is based on comparison and player experience, so there might be some items you find better listed down or not included. But we have tried to make it useful for the style of players.

S+ Tier CRK Treasures

  • Disciple’s Magic Scroll
  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll
  • Librarian’s Enchanted Robes
  • Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather

S Tier CRK Treasures

  • Sleepyhead’s Jelly Watch
  • Pilgrim’s Slingshot
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle
  • Squishy Jelly Watch

A+ Tier CRK Treasures

  • Seamstress’s Pin Cushion
  • Insignia of the Indomitable Knights
  • Bear Jelly’s Lollipop
  • Bookseller’s Monocle

A Tier CRK Treasures

  • Grim-looking Scythe
  • Divine Honey Cream Crown
  • The Order’s Sacred Fork
  • Miraculous Natural Remedy
  • Ginkgoblin’s Trophy Safe

B+ Tier CRK Treasures

  • Milk Tribe’s Frozen Torch
  • Echo of the Hurricane’s Song
  • Hollyberrian Royal Necklace
  • Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn
  • Cheesebird’s Coin Purse

B Tier CRK Treasures

  • Blind Healer’s Staff
  • Durianeer’s Squeaky Flamingo Tube
  • Elder Pilgrim’s Torch
  • Blossoming Acorn Bomb
  • Sacred Pomegranate Branch

C Tier CRK Treasures

  • Miraculous Ghost Ice Cream
  • Jelly Worm’s Sticky Goo
  • Acorn Snowball With a Tiny Cookie’s
  • Priestess Cookie’s Paper Charm

These were all the Cookie Run Kingdom’s best treasures ranked in a tier. Now, if you are aiming to collect these items, then use our CRK guides to make your hunt faster. Also, while you are here, check out how to beat Dragon Showdown and farm Mileage Points in CRK.