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How To Get/Farm Mileage Points in Cookie Run Kingdom?

It is not logical to waste Mileage Points on every cookie. Read this guide on how to farm it and spend them wisely.

Mileage points can be used to unlock/craft new cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. They can only be used at the Mileage Shop, you will keep on earning them during the gameplay. It is necessary to spend them wisely to unlock some of the rarest cookies. In this guide, I am going to help you with tips on how to get Mileage Points? So next time whenever you are playing, you can closely watch the number of points to grab.

How to Get Mileage Points in the Cookie Run Kingdom?


Cookie Run Mileage Points

Mileage point is rewarded whenever you roll for a new Cookie or collect a Treasure. The number of points will increase or decrease on the basis of the rarity of the item. For example, when you get a rare cookie in the treasure hunt, more points will be added to your account. So whenever you roll for a cookie or Treasure you will earn some Mileage points depending on the item. It’s random and there is no intact system to predict whether you get high or low points. Cookie Run Kingdom can reward you with up to 15 Mileage points for a Rare cookie or treasure.

If you want to farm mileage points then focus on rolling for cookies. Collecting cookies is the best way to get Mileage points in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Also if you draw a fully upgraded Cookie or Treasure, still you will earn Mileage Points. The number of points credited will be higher. On the game menu, you will see two options Cookie and Treasures. Drawing them requires thousands of crystals. For treasure, you will need some Treasure Tickets.


Before drawing you check the number of Mileage points for each Cookie draw. For this click on the Cookie tab, this will cost you a draw. If you have maxed out all the cookies then you will see bigger points. This is one of the standard ways of farming Mileage Points in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

What to do with Mileage Points in Cookie Run Kingdom?

You can craft a new Cookie from Mileage Points. So farming them is kind of important in the game. I am going to share step-by-step instructions below on how to spend Mileage Points in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Once you have enough of them you can just unlock lots of new cookies to play with.


Cookie Run Gatcha

  1. Go to Mileage Shop and tap on the Gacha icon.
  2. Tap on Milage Points Icon.
  3. Buy Soul Stones using the Mileage Points.

Around 20 Soul Stones are required to craft a new Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom. 2000 Mileage Points are required to buy 20 Soul Stones. You can also buy Treasure Tickets for 60 Mileage Points in the game. Along with there are a few more useful items you can buy directly from the Mileage Shop. That’s it for Mileage Points, do not forget to check about how to trade in Cookie Run Kingdom. Trading is also a way to unlock new items in the game. Also read about what to do with Cookie Cutters and get Treasure Tickets.