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How To Trade In Cookie Run Kingdom (Trade Guide)

Came across trading in Cookie Run Kingdom? This guide will teach you all about it.

You can Trade resources in CRK to get rewards. But trading in this game doesn’t work like how you usually trade in other games. In Cookie Run Kingdom you trade with NPCs that are Cookies by giving them resources and get different rewards in exchange like Kingdom Exp, coins, crystals, and more. So in this guide let us take a look at how to trade in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to Trade in Cookie Run Kingdom


how to trade in cookie run kingdom

To start trading you need to upgrade your Kingdom or castle to at least level 2. The more you increase your Kingdom levels the more trading options get unlocked for you that give better rewards. These are the ways through which you can trade in Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • Tree of Wishes
  • Train Station
  • Trade Port
  • Touc’s Trade Harbor

Tree of Wishes

This is the first way you get to start trading and this unlocks when you upgrade your kingdom to level 2. Here you have to donate the materials which different cookies require. Whenever you grant a cookie’s wish you get Kingdom Experience and coins as rewards.

Train Station


After you upgrade your Kingdom to level 4 you unlock Train Station or the Bear Jelly Train Station to trade. You can unlock up to three such trains, the first will unlock at level 4, next at level 6, and last at level 8. In order to trade you have to provide all the required materials. But Train Station rewards you with not just coins and kingdom exp but also with crystals, topping pieces, treasure tickets, rarities, and more.

Trade Port

You need to construct Trade Port by following the Trade Harbor Questline. And to do that you need to upgrade your kingdom to level 6.

Touc’s Trade Harbor – How to Trade in Cookie Run Kingdom


To get Touc’s Trade Harbor it is essential that you have the Trade port first. As you need to upgrade the Trade port in order to get it. And you unlock it after getting the Trade harbor questline, you also need to upgrade your castle to level 8. It transforms the Trading port into Seaside Market. And along with it you also get Rainbow Shells Gallery.

That sums up this guide on how to trade in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). If you like playing this game then be sure to check out our other guides on how to get cookie cutters and how to join or create a guild in Cookie Run Kingdom.