Best Financier Toppings Build In Cookie Run Kingdom

Financier is a Defense type cookie and can really benefit your team if you pick the right toppings in CRK.

In CRK, if Financier Cookie is on your team, then equipping her with the best toppings you have is the right thing to do. That’s because her Paladin Protection skill not only protects the ally with the highest ATK but also provides them healing when needed. However, do note, if you have Clotted Cream Cookie on your team, then it will prioritize him first apart from any other cookie. Moreover, after this defense-type cookie’s skill is active, her regular attack will also deal area damage, which also sounds like a win-win. So if you’re looking forward to adding Financier to your team, then scroll down for the best toppings build for her in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

What are the Best Toppings for Financier Cookie in CRK?

What are the Best Toppings for Financier Cookie in CRK dmg resist and skill cooldown cookie run kingdom

Here are all the best toppings build for Financier Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). Below we have listed different builds so you can choose the right one suiting your playstyle & strategy.

  • 5x Solid Almond – To get more DMG resistance
  • 5x Swift Chocolate – To decrease the skill cooldown
  • 3x Solid Almond & 2x Swift Chocolate – To get balanced DMG resistance & Skill cooldown

According to us, a full Solid Almond topping set is the perfect build for the Financier cookie. As it will increase her DMG resistance and allow her to survive longer. Which means she’ll deal more damage than before while holding the fort from the front. But if you’re not aiming for that, and want to use the Paladin Protection skill quickly, then the full Swift Chocolate topping set should be just the right pick for you.

However, if both full-set toppings are a little extreme, then you can always go with the third safe option. That is to use a little bit of both toppings, 3x of Solid Almond and 2x of Swift Chocolate. Doing so will get you good damage resistance and skill cooldown at the same time. If it still doesn’t feel right, then don’t hesitate to try out other combinations that suit your playstyle.

That’s all you need to know about the best toppings build for Financier Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). If you have Pure Vanilla Cookie or Milky Way Cookie on your team, then do check out their favorite toppings. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the latest CRK Redeem Codes to get free Crystals & more.