How To Change Weapons In Monster Hunter Stories 2

You will require different weapons to defeat different enemies and for that, you need to know how to change weapons in MHS 2. Know more in this guide.

Combat forms the base of this RPG where you will be searching for Monstie eggs and beating Monsters. For this purpose, you need to know how to change or switch weapons in Monster Hunter Stories 2 so that you can use the right ones to make the most of the Monster’s weakness.

How to Switch Weapons in Monster Hunter Stories 2

how to switch weapons monster hunter stories 2

To change weapons in Monster Hunter Stories 2, players have to open up the Camp menu by pressing the X button on the Switch. Then, find the Equipment option and you will see your Current Equipment on the right. Scroll to the weapon you want to use and Press Y to Switch weapons. Once done, you will see an E on that weapon which indicates that it is equipped. Go back to the game and you will see your changed weapon.

how to change weapons in monster hunter stories 2

You can do this anytime while playing the game but during battle, there’s a different way to switch weapons in MHS 2. When you are fighting a Monster, you have to head to the Skills menu and change weapons from there. You can also press X to Switch weapons directly but you can do it once in your turn.

monster hunter stories 2 skills

How to Equip New Weapons in MHS 2?

how to equip new weapons in MHS 2

In order to put new weapons in a slot, you need to open the Camp Menu by pressing the X button on your Switch. Then choose Equipment > choose a slot > Press A to confirm and you will see a “My Weapons” list. Select All where you will see all of your weapons. Pick the one you want and then confirm it to equip it. When you get new weapons from the six types available in the game, this is the way to add them and use them in battle. You can get new weapons if you have the necessary materials as well as Zenny. If you have both, then you can visit the Smithy in Mahana Village and get them from him.

So that’s all you need to know about new weapons and how to change them in Monster Hunter Stories 2. We’ve got lots more about MHS 2 on Gamer Tweak, go ahead and check out our guides for tips, tricks and strategies.