Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cheats And Hints For Attack Types, Counters & Weaknesses

Find out if there are any cheats in MHS 2 that you can use for unlimited HP, hearts. Also know secrets and hints about Monster Attack Types, Counters and Weaknesses.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is an engrossing game right from the very beginning but sometimes it can also get challenging. You may search for Monster Hunter Stories 2 cheats to make things easier, gain more Hearts and beat Monsters. In this guide, you will know more about MHS 2 cheats and if there are any secret tricks like attack type counters and weaknesses that you can use to master combat.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cheats, Secrets and Hints

Unfortunately, there are no cheats in Monster Hunter Stories 2 that you can use to get boosts or combat advantages. There’s also a multiplayer mode for co-op and versus which means using any external cheats or hacks could possibly affect your account. So, it is recommended to avoid using any cheat codes or hacks to get an edge in the game.

But all is not lost! There are some things you can consider kind of like MHS 2 cheats which will help you plan out your next move. As you know, MHS 2 is a turn-based RPG which will test your skills in attack patterns and types. To help you out, we’ve created a list of Monster Hunter Stories 2 attack types, counters and weaknesses which you can use to win in battles.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. There are three attack types – Power, Speed and Technical.

  • Power beats Technical.
  • Technical beats Speed.
  • Speed beats Power.

Just like Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Based on the type of enemy you are facing off with, you have to choose the right type of attack. The right choice will give you victory in Head to Head attacks. But if you choose the wrong one, you or your Monstie will suffer damage.

In case your Monstie and you choose the same type (say, Power) and win the Head to Head attack, you will get to do a Double Attack which is super powerful. Apart from these, there will be multiple special occurrences which will keep things interesting for you like a Power Clash, Air Showdown, Breath Blast and more.

MHS 2 Monster Attack Types, Counter and Weakness Chart

MHS 2 Monster Attack Types, Counter and Weakness Chart

Let’s take a look at this chart of the Monsters’ attack type, its counters and weaknesses in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Monster Attack Type Counter Weakness
Anjanath Speed Technical Piercing
Arzuros Power Speed Blunt
Ash Kecha Wacha Technical Power
Astalos Technical Power
Apceros Power Speed Blunt
Aptonoth Power Speed Slash
Barroth Speed Technical
Basarios Technical Power Blunt
Black Diablos Power Speed
Blue Yian Kut-Ku Technical Power Piercing
Bhanbara Technical Power Blunt
Brute Tigrex Power Speed
Bullfango Speed Technical Slash
Bulldrome Power Speed Slash
Cephadrome Speed Technical
Congalala Technical Power
Daimyo Hermitaur Technical Power
Diablos Power Speed
Duramboros Power Speed
Gendrome Speed Technical
Gravios Power Speed
Great Baggi Speed Technical
Gargwa Speed Technical Blunt
Great Jaggi Technical Power Slash
Green Nargacuga Speed Technical
Gypceros Power Speed
Iodrome Speed Technical
Jaggia Power Speed Piercing
Jaggi Speed Technical Slash
Jade Barroth Power Speed
Kecha Wacha Speed Technical
Khezu Technical Power
Konchu Technical Power Blunt
Kula-Ya-Ku Technical Power Slash, Blunt
Lagiacrus Power Speed
Lagombi Speed Technical
Larinoth Technical Power Slash
Legiana Speed Technical
Mizutsune Technical Power
Monoblos Speed Technical
Nargacuga Speed Technical
Nerscylla Technical Power
Paolumu Technical Power Blunt, Piercing
Plesioth Technical Power
Plum Daimyo Hermitaur Technical Power
Purple Gypceros Technical Power
Purple Ludroth Power Speed
Pukei-Pukei Technical Power Slash, Blunt
Qurupeco Technical Power Blunt, Slash
Rathian Speed Technical
Red Khezu Technical Power
Royal Ludroth Power Speed Piercing
Ruby Basarios Technical Power
Slagtoth Power Speed Slash
Seltas/Seltas Queen Technical Power
Tetsucabra Power Speed Piercing
Tigrex Speed Technical
Tobi-Kadachi Speed Technical
Velocidrome Speed Technical Slash
Velociprey Speed Technical Slash
Yian Garuga Technical Power
Yian Kut-Ku Technical Power Piercing
Zamtrios Technical Power
Zinogre Speed Technical

This should give you an idea about the attack patterns and get you started with your battle wins. Do note that sometimes the monsters can get angry and switch things up. But these basics will help you sail through those moments as well.

How to Fly in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

You can fly in MHS 2 if you get a mount that flies. You don’t need to use any cheats to get this but you do have to keep playing the game until you end up on a Monstie that can fly. Initially, you will only get those who can walk, run, jump and climb.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin Cheat Engine

Apart from these, if you want to use a Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cheat Engine, there are a few available online which give you Infinite HP (for your character and Monstie), Infinite Hearts, Unlimited Kinship, XP, Money (Zenny), Bottle Caps, Healing Items and more. But again, use them at your own discretion.

That’s all about MHS 2 cheats, tips, secrets and hints for the Monster attack types, counters and weaknesses. We’ve got more such tips and tricks in our Monster Hunter Stories 2 Guides on Gamer Tweak so check them out too!