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How To Switch or Change Teams in Battlefield 2042?

Want to know how to pick a side with a friends or just skip an loosing team?

Battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer game where up to 128 players can play in the Hazard zone. Two teams of 64 players can compete with each other for XP, Rewards, etc. But does the game allows to change team during a match? This one is a tricky question and I have been following many threads related to this. Some players want to switch their teams in order to play with their friends. Some want to switch because they are unhappy to be a part of a losing team. Let’s clear up this doubt on how to change teams in Battlefield 2042?

Does Battlefield 2042 Allow to Switch Teams?

Battlefield 2042 Switch Teams

The answer is no,  once you are in the lobby added to a 64-team group you cannot switch it. But you can exit the match and re-join to see if the game servers set you in a different team. This is the only way to switch teams in Battlefield 2042. Also, remember that leaving a match multiple times can have a bad impact on the profile. Also, there are no direct settings that can allow you to play with your friends. You can be divided into different teams based on the player stats. Battlefield 2042 also does not allow you to change teams during matches.

YouTuber Flakfire shared a method where you can switch teams in Battlefield 2042. But this method only works on Xbox One. It is a glitch in the interface that allows players to switch teams instantly during the match. The challenge here is you might find yourself on an empty server. If you are playing in a team that lacks good players you can switch to a new one instantly using the method shown in the video above.

There is also a Co-op mode in the game where you can set up your own personal server and play with your friends. Solo and Co-op sit on the same menu. You just have to pick on one mode and click on play. You can invite your friends to join your match. This is a way to play with your friends, but when it comes to playing it online together then there is no direct way. Unless both players can have equal stats and join first before others enter the lobby.

We will keep you posted on this issue if there is a way then this guide will be updated. Do not forget to check back and scan through our Battlefield 2042 guides section for more details.