How to Play Solo in Battlefield 2042? (Play with Bots)

Not sure enough to go online, then here is how to play with bots and brush up your skills.

Battlefield 2042 features two modes multipayer and co-op solo. You can play against AI bots to brush up your skills before entering into a real match. This guide will contain information about how to play Battlefield 2042 solo. You will at least need one of your friends to join the match while another player will be added as Bots. You can explore all the maps, test out different modes to learn them in advance. So that when you are on the real ground with other players, they won’t see you as a noob player.

Battlefield 2042 Solo Mode Settings

Battlefield 2042 Solo Mode

You will still earn XP while playing Solo but at a lower rate. You can unlock and test weapons. Rules of Solo are different compared to the rules of multiplayer. Still, AI bots are added to multiplayer matches if there are not enough players to fill the map. Follow the steps below to launch a solo match in Battlefield 2042.

  1. Click on Play on the main game menu.
  2. Click on Solo & Co-Op Mode by left mouse click.

This will change the game mode from online to Solo/Co-op. Next is to pick the AI soldier Level from Beginners, Intermedia, and Advanced. Then comes the list of maps. Pick anyone to start your Solo game.

  • Discarded
  • Hourglass
  • Breakaway
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Manifest
  • Orbital
  • Renewal

Return to the main screen and click on Play. You can also invite a friend to the match or go with a Co-op where two of you can practice against bots. Battlefield 2042 solo mode is best for practicing multiple weapons, understanding the maps and regions. This is going to help you a lot during multiplayer matches. Also, you can earn a little amount of XP that will be added to your character progression. To help you more with weapons read our Battlefield 2040 Guns Tier List.