The Callisto Protocol Survival Tips (Combat Basics)

Unable to get past monsters? Check out our guide for Combat basics and Survival tips in the Callisto Protocol.

The Callisto Protocol is a survival-horror video game that revolves around the protagonist, Jacob Lee. Set in the year 2320, you will be surrounded by hordes and a plethora of monsters. As not many gameplay mechanics are explained in the game, the combat feels pretty vague. Having said that, the melee combat can get a bit confusing at times too. So, you might be needing some extra help or tips for this monstrous journey. Check out our guide on the best combat and survival tips for the Callisto Protocol to find out.

Best Survival Tips for The Callisto Protocol (Combat Basics)

As you boot up and start the game, here are some basic combat and survival tips in The Callisto Protocol to remember:

  • Dodging is the key
  • Blocking Helps Too
  • Stack up Ammo & Health
  • Shoot the Legs
  • Make use of Walls during combat
  • Break Glass Walls
  • Use GRP to grab hold of your Enemies
  • Don’t Forget the Upgrades

So, let’s delve into each of these tips to help you last longer and survive in the Callisto Protocol:

Dodging is the Key

Although you get a tutorial for dodging your enemies, it is slightly more complicated than that. For dodging, you need to learn the attack patterns of your enemies. That being said, you might not get much time to plan this out during combat. So, the best workaround is to look at your enemy’s leg movements for their attacks. Alternatively, you can also enable the Automatic Dodge under Accessibility settings. Doing so would dodge all of the incoming enemy attacks. But that might not be a suitable option while fighting multiple monsters.

callisto protocol survival tips combat basics

The best part about dodging is that it allows an opening right after you dodge. Furthermore, you can also perfect dodge that can slow down the time for a moment. But perfect dodging or simply dodging needs more practice. You can switch to a lower difficulty level to get adapted or accustomed to Dodging.

Blocking Helps too

While dodging allows you an opening, it also leaves an opening for enemies. In such cases, you might fall under another enemy’s attack. You can tend to block their attacks for crowd control. Blocking is perhaps the only way to escape multiple and large hordes of enemies. While dodging is a perfect counter, blocking can help you evade enemies.

Stack Up Ammo & Health

As you progress with the Callisto Protocol, you will be ambushed by several enemies. To survive their vicious attacks, you need extra health and enough ammo to eliminate them. You can find these supplies by looting enemies. Once you have defeated or stomped an enemy, they will drop some resources. So, don’t forget to loot them. You can also find resources and even weapons from off-beaten routes. When you see a branching course, explore the alternative path for potential loot or supplies. callisto protocol survival tips combat basics

We recommend healing yourself only after you have cleared out all the enemies. You can also check out our guide on how to heal fast for more insight.

Shoot the Legs – Best Survival & Combat Tips in Callisto Protocol

Coming back to the Combat basics, there’s one way to damage the mobility of your enemies. You can aim and shoot their legs to make them immobile. Once they are down and crawling, it is simply a matter of stomping or finishing them off. That being said, make sure to keep a long distance from your enemies. Be wary that some enemies are faster and can be significantly dangerous.

Make use of Walls During Combat

When you are melee-fighting an enemy close to the wall, your normal strikes would be replaced with an animation. In most cases, it finishes off your enemies. But you can use the GRP to hold them into the wall to inflict more damage.

Break Glass Walls

Upon progressing into Callisto Protocol, you will find several glass cabinets. As you head closer to them, you can find ammo, weapons, or other supplies inside the cabinets. But to interact with these supplies, you need to break the glass. You can use a Baton or weapon to break the glass and interact with them. You will also find several easily breakable glass walls as you progress into the game. So, make sure to break them to get the resources or loot. To save up your ammo, we recommend using a Baton rather than your weapon ammo to break the Glass walls or windows.

Use GRP to grab hold of your enemies

You can use the GRP to grab your enemies or other items from one place to another. If you encounter a deadly foe with lower health, you can use this device to throw them away. Alternatively, you can also use GRP to bring ranged enemies closer. Once they are closer, you can use a Baton or weapon to bash their heads. If you are confused about checking its battery level, you can find it on the back of your neck above the health bar.

callisto protocol survival tips combat basics

Don’t Forget the Upgrades

Lastly, upgrades are paramount and help enhance your combat. There are several upgrades for your weapons, Baton, and GRP. For starters, you can upgrade the Baton’s heavy attack. This upgrade balances out your Baton’s heavy and light attacks.

That’s everything covered about the best combat and survival tips for The Callisto Protocol. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to use Contraband Pack, how to get Retro Prisoner Skin, and more helpful The Callisto Protocol guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.