How To Use The Callisto Protocol Contraband Pack For PlayStation

Here's a guide on how to use the Contraband Pack in Callisto Protocol.

While most players are excited by the release of Callisto Protocol, PS4 & PS5 players have something extra to look forward to. With the Contraband Pack, players can get a much better path at the start of the game. However, the use of it has confused many players since there is no clear detail on the how. So how to use Contraband Pack in Callisto Protocol is a common question that PlayStation users are asking. Since they don’t know what to do with it to get a better shot at the start, many are even annoyed. If you are here for the same, don’t worry as you won’t have to look further. This guide has everything covered on the bonus pack you get with PlayStation.

How to Use Contraband Pack for Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol Contraband Pack

Although there was no detail surrounding it, the Contraband Pack is indeed useful. It’s not really that difficult to utilize or a big deal however the lack of information turned out to be the only problem. Nevertheless, the steps we mention below will certainly clear the air for you and you can get back to enjoying the game.

The Contraband Pack for Callisto Protocol is meant to provide you with better weapons. So head over to the Reforge with the pack in your inventory. Now you can simply sell it to get Callisto credits which can be used to upgrade weapons. Players would be reluctant to sell the pack as the would think it would be for some other use.

However, the use of the Contraband pack is to be sold and get you some much needed credits. This will provide you with much better weapons which will make your journey at the start quite easy. It’s that simple but the lack of information has created this confusion.

That’s all there is on how to use the Contraband Pack in Callisto Protocol. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Callisto Protocol guides with Gamer Tweak.