Supermarket Simulator Cheats – Trainers, Cheat Engines And Console Commands

Want to increase the Money or Store points you have in Supermarket Simulator? Well, here is what you should know about its cheat engines and trainers.

Running your own mart in Supermarket Simulator can be tough as there are a lot of things you have to do. Be it managing your inventory and the different products, taking care of shoplifters, hiring staff, or other activities, things can feel overwhelming in no time. That is why there are a lot of players who are looking if any Supermarket Simulator cheats or trainers are available. The good news is there is (with a catch) and here is how you can use it.

Supermarket Simulator Cheats

Supermarket Simulator Cheats Trainers Engines And How To Use Them
Image Credits: Nokta Games

There are no official cheats for this game. This means the game doesn’t have in-build commands that you can execute by inputting a set of button combinations, or codes that you can enter to increase your money. However, if you don’t mind taking the help of 3rd party software then you can find some trainers to help you out. For example, when you search on Google, one of the popular ones that shows up is on WeMod for this game made by creator ColonelRVH. Here are the features it offers:

  • Stats Changes:
    • Unlimited Money
    • Edit Money
    • Multiply Money Get
    • Multiply Store Point Get
  • Game Changes:
    • ZA WARUDO! [Time Stop]

Disclaimer: Using cheats or trainers might get your in-game or Steam account banned. This game is a single-player experience so ideally, you shouldn’t get into much trouble unless the game detects the cheats and decides to act on it. Although there aren’t any known cases of it at the time of writing this guide. But you should still avoid using them if you aren’t sure about bans or if you are getting them from untrustworthy sources as they could potentially have viruses. So make sure you are aware of the risks before you install or use them.

How to Use Supermarket Simulator WeMod Cheats

  1. Download WeMod for your PC. Make sure you check the compatibility, it works with:
    • Windows 11
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 7
  2. Look for Supermarket Simulator and press Play.
  3. Once in-game you can enable the above cheats.

Make sure you backup your saves in case it gets corrupted so that you can restore them later. You can also turn off cloud saves while using cheats just for extra safety. And once again make sure the cheat engines you use are trustable.

That is all for the Supermarket Simulator cheats and how to use them. In case you changed your mind and are playing the intended way then you should find our guides helpful on how to unlock storage and how to make more money.