Last Epoch Stuck On Connecting Fix

Accessing the character select screen but got stuck on connecting in Last Epoch? Well, here are some things that you can try to fix this mess.

Online games and server issues are like a perfect duo of Peanut Butter and Jelly, but instead, this is one that nobody likes. As such when you try to play Last Epoch there is a chance that you may get stuck on the connecting screen. If this happened to you then worry not, you aren’t alone and many players are looking for a fix as well. So these are some workarounds that can help you log in and get the game to work.

How to Fix Stuck on Connecting in Last Epoch

How To Fix Last Epoch Stuck On Connecting Error
Image Credits: HardReset.Info on YouTube. Change and join another region to get past connecting screen in Last Epoch.

You cannot do much to fix the stuck on connecting error as this problem lies at their server end. Before you try playing with any settings the first thing that you can do is check their server status. If they are down then it is better you wait.

  • Check Last Epoch Twitter: You can check out the game’s official Twitter account at @LastEpoch to get updates on the server’s current status. If they are down then you pretty much can’t do anything. Check if they are unavailable due to an outage or for maintenance. If it is for the latter, then they might have some schedule updated on when the servers can be back online. As for the case of an outage, it won’t resolve unless they fix it.

In case the game’s servers are fine then here are some workarounds that might work for you:

  • Change your Region: There is a chance that the game might work for you when you select another region. Launch the game and the first option in the launcher will be Region.
    • Here you can choose from:
      • US Central
      • US East
      • US West
      • EU West
      • Australia
      • South America
      • Asia NE
      • Asia SE
      • Asia East
    • Choose the one that you find has the lowest ping and see if you are able to join the game.
  • Wait at the Connecting screen: This might not be the fix you were looking for but allow me to elaborate. It worked for user u/Danksson69 on Reddit, you can check their comment here. The reason it is stuck is because the servers could be overloaded. So the best thing you can do is wait on this screen while the server connects you to the game.

Aside from the above solutions you can also try these generic fixes:

  • Restart Last Epoch.
  • Verify its game files.
  • Reinstall the game.
  • Run Last Epoch as Administrator.
  • Disable Anti-Virus for your play session.

That is all for how you can fix the Stuck on Connecting screen in Last Epoch. Since you are interested in this game, you might also find these guides useful on how to link weapons, respec passive skills, and salvage items.