How To Link Weapons & Items To Chat In Last Epoch

Linking Items to Chat is one of the best ways to promote Weapons, Gear, and other Equipment among your teammates in Last Epoch. Know more about it here.

Last Epoch challenges you with complex objectives that can be completed quickly when playing with Friends. One of the aspects of multiplayer gameplay is establishing better communication with your team. It’s not only for combat but also when playing generally or trading something. A lesser-known trick that most players don’t know about communication is that they can Link Items to Chat. This can be a crucial feature as it promotes discussion about in-game items among teammates.

This guide will explain how you can Link Items to Chat in Last Epoch. We will also tell how mastering the game can benefit you and your teammates. That said, let’s get started.

Here’s How to Link Items to Chat in Last Epoch

How to Link Items to Chat in Last Epoch
Image Credits to Last Epoch

To Link any Item like Weapons, Armor, Amulets, etc., go to your Inventory and hover over them. Next, hold down the CTRL button and press the Right-click on your mouse. Doing so will Link the Item you right-clicked on in the chatbox. Once the item is linked, it will become visible to you and your teammates in the chatbox.

Hovering the cursor on the linked item will display brief information about it in the chat. This will clear up the doubts of the person who is a newbie and still learning things. You can also link items to chat in Last Epoch if you want to sell or buy it. This will promote the item for itself without you giving any information about it to the buyer/seller. Someone who is in the Merchant’s Guild faction can make good use of this communication trick.

Now that you know how to Link Items to Chat in the Last Epoch be sure to use this feature whenever possible. Aside from this, one more thing that most players don’t know about is the Referral Codes feature. Learn about it through our guide and know how to benefit from it.