How To Respec Passive Skills In Last Epoch

Not sure how to Respec your Passive Skills in Last Epoch? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

You can easily tear through enemies if you have the right set of skills in Last Epoch. Thankfully, you can crawl up in the Passive Skill Tree and unlock the skills you want. For some reason, however, if a particular Passive no longer suits your build, then you can reset it. The steps for doing that are simple yet confusing. So in this guide, we will explain how exactly you can Respec your Passive Skills in Last Epoch.

How to Reset Passive Skills in Last Epoch

Speaking to Chronomancer Lerrine for Respeccing Passive Skills in Last Epoch
Chromancer Lerrine (NPC with Pink Brain icon). Image Credits to u/Lorderian

To Reset Passive Skills in Last Epoch, you must find and interact with an NPC with the pink brain icon above their head. Such NPCs are the only ones who can help you in Respeccing your Passives. Usually, they are found anywhere on the map. But if you have thoroughly explored the Keeper’s Camp in the initial stages, you can find one there. Her name will be Chronomancer Lerinne.

Interact with the Pink Brain icon NPC and select the dialogue for Respecializing Points. After that, you can Respec your Passive Skills in Last Epoch one point at a time. It should be noted that Respeccing each skill point requires you to spend a certain amount of Gold, initially 10 Golds. This fee will increase after Respeccing multiple Passives.

One thing that I find frustrating is that you can not Reset every Skill you have invested in. In Last Epoch, you can not break dependencies while trying to respec Passives. For example, if you have invested 20 points in your Base Skill Tree and have skills in any Mastery Tree, you can not Respec your Base Tree. The only workaround is Respeccing the entire Mastery Skill Tree and then the Base Skill Tree.

While this sounds like an expensive process, it becomes bearable once you reach the mid-phase of the game. It is highly recommended that you plan your build and invest in the Skill Points accordingly. If you get stuck in it, you now know how to Respec Passive Skills in Last Epoch.

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