Last Epoch: How to Salvage Items

Salvaging Items and Gear can help you get extra resources and Affix in Last Epoch. Sounds interesting, right? Know more about it here.

By the time you finish the first few missions in the Last Epoch, you will have your Inventory filled with precious loot. It’s entirely your call if you want to utilize them, sell them, or Salvage them to get resources and affixes. Salvaging is a lesser-known method in this game, as there is no direct way. Instead, you must go to the Forge and use the Rune of Shattering. At first, this may sound like a lot to do, but once you get a hold of it, it’s all a piece of cake.

Here, you will know precisely how to Salvage Items and Gear in the Last Epoch. So, if you want to eliminate anything for extra crafting resources, refer to this guide.

How to Salvage Items in Last Epoch

Runes of Shattering is needed for Salvaging Items in Last Epoch
Using Runes of Shattering at the Forge to Salvage Item. Image Credits to ZiggyD Gaming

As I said, you will need the Rune of Shattering for Salvaging items. It’s good if you already have it, but if you don’t, then you will have to find it beforehand. Rune of Shattering can be bought from merchants across the map by spending some Gold. You can also find it like any other item from drops.

Once you have the Rune of Shattering, you must pick what you want to Salvage in the Last Epoch. Be careful, as the salvaged item will be permanently gone. So, press the “F” key to open the Forge, that anvil icon on the screen. In the Forge, place the item you want to Salvage in the Gear slot on the left side of the screen.

How to Salvage Items and Gear in Last Epoch
Salvaging a Gear at Forge using Runes of Shattering

Next, you should select the “Use a Modifier Item” button and select the Rune of Shattering. After that, click the red Shatter button, and the selected item will be salvaged in the Last Epoch. Now that the item has been deconstructed, all the Affixes, Shards, Glyphs, etc., will be transferred to your Inventory.

Before we conclude this guide, you should know one more thing. You can not Salvage Legendary or Unique items. However, it is possible to Salvage items that are common and rare. With that said, you can now deconstruct any Gear you want to get rid of easily.