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Monopoly Go: Stuck In Community Chest Fix

These are all the solutions that might unstuck the Community Chest and fix this Monopoly Go issue.

Is your Monopoly Go stuck on Community Chest, and you don’t know how to fix it? Many users have reported the issue, but the reason is still unknown. Now, the reasons could vary, but solutions are mostly the same, so you can try our listed fixes to try and resolve the issue. The issue mainly occurred while selecting a friend, thus, first try to avoid selecting them for a few days and resume the play if these solutions work.

How to Fix Monopoly Go Stuck In Community Chest

Monopoly Go Stuck in Community Chest Issue

Various reasons could have led to the issue where players get stuck in the Community Chest of Monopoly Go. Scopely has added the issue to its issues list and is investigating it. The fix might take some time, till then, you can learn about the possible culprits and fixes. Such issues mainly occur due to cache, old versions, mods, unsafe cheats, and slow internet connection. And the possible solutions are clearing the cache, making storage, and reconnecting the internet. Let us explore the solutions in detail.

Clear Cache and Make Storage

This might seem like the most obvious solution, but it usually works when Monopoly Go gets stuck. There is a possibility that this data could have overloaded the application and hampered its working. You can delete the cache from a cleaning application or through the mobile setting of Monopoly Go.

  • To clear the cache from the mobile, go to the Settings application.
  • Now, look for the Apps or Applications option, and select it.
  • Scroll and search for the game. Go to the game app; you will see Clear Cache in it. If you can’t find the Clear Cache button in it, then go into Storage; there, you will find the option.

Reconnect to Fix Monopoly Go Stuck in Community Chest

It is an online game, so having a slow internet connection or playing offline is impossible now. You have to make sure that your internet is of decent speed. You can check that with the help of speed tester applications and sites.

These solutions to fix Monopoly Go stuck in Community Chest might not work for all. If you are one of them, you’ll have to wait for developers to roll the fixes. But if they worked and you are back online, try these Monopoly Go cheats and free Dice Rolls to recover what you lost.