Strongholds Not Showing Up On Diablo 4 Map Fix

If you can't see Stronghold icons on the D4 map, here are the reasons why and the possible fixes.

Strongholds are some of the best type of content sections to complete but if you’ve opened the map to see that Strongholds icons are not showing up in Diablo 4, it can be frustrating. Many rewards are unlocked after you complete them and they will stay that way until you are able to see them. This guide will explain what the problem with invisible symbols is and how you can trigger them to unlock Strongholds on the map again.

Strongholds Not Showing Up on the Map in Diablo 4

Check your Map Filter

First, check your map filter to ensure that you’ve kept Strongholds visible on the map. They will be marked by red demon/skull icons. If the filters are set up properly, there could be other issues. More on that below.

Explore and Discover Regions under Fog

explore areas under fog to unlock strongholds

Find out if you have discovered the region where the Stronghold is supposed to be. Take a look at your map and see if there are areas under fog – there’s a chance a Stronghold is in that region. We will be creating a guide where all map locations of Strongholds are marked so that this completion process is easier for you.

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Complete Side Quests

You will also have to complete side quests because some of them may have an NPC tell you about a nearby Stronghold which is when it will be marked for you on the map.

Leave your Party & Try Again

If you are playing D4 with friends in a party, Stronghold icons being invisible could be a bug, as reported by many players. Remove players from your party and see if you are able to see the Strongholds on the map again. Also, note that the world state is based on the progress of the party leader.

Bug Related to Changing World Tier

strongholds icon invisible on map blizzard forum

Did you switch your D4 World Tier before completing all the Strongholds in the previous tier? This bug seems to be occurring a lot too. Players report that the Strongholds disappeared when they bumped up the WT to a higher one before clearing them all. In case of such glitches, all we can do is wait for a patch that fixes the error.

And these are the possible reasons why Strongholds are not showing up on your map in Diablo 4. Apart from this, you can focus on Helltide, Nightmare Dungeons, side quests, and more for a boost of XP.