Diablo 4: Helltide Mystery Chest Map (Best Farming Locations)

While playing Diablo 4 if you are planning on farming mystery chests or need their general locations then you should use a Helltide Map. This map will be handy to give you information about various things like where to find these chests, areas where these events take place, and more. And in turn will speed up the process of grinding for Legendary items. So here is the map and other things that you should know related to it.

Diablo 4 Helltide Map & Mystery Chest Farming Zones

Best Helltide Map and Mystery Chests Farming Zones in Diablo 4

Check out the above image for the Helltide Map. Thanks to Reddit user u/cloudeightk for sharing this complete map. You can check out their post here.

Map Legend

  • Pink Markings: Recommended Farming locations
  • Blue Stars: Mystery Chests possible locations
  • Orange upside-down triangles: Event locations

Best Helltide Event Farming Locations in Diablo 4

The three best locations to farm Helltide events are:

  • Marowen in Scosglen: Fast to the Marowen Waypoint and do the events in the east.
  • Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks: Fast to the Kyovashad Waypoint and do the events in the north and the ones in the east between Bear Tribe Refuge and Yelesna Waypoints.
  • Iron Wolves Encampment in Kehjistan: Fast to the Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint and do the events in the north and south of here.

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What are Mystery Chests in Diablo 4?

Helltide Mystery Chests or the Tortured Gift of Mysteries are types of chests that are guaranteed to drop you at least 1 Legendary item. And depending on your luck you can get anywhere between 1-5 such legendaries.

You need 175 Aberrant Cinders to open one of these and they only show up on your global map if you are near them. Each zone is guaranteed to spawn at least 1 Mystery chest.

The best part is they reset hourly based on in-game time. So if you opened a chest at let’s say 4:30 as per your in-game time. Then the next went will reset and spawn again at 5:00 instead of 5:30. This allows you to farm different regions by directly teleporting to waypoints. And keep repeating it every hour.

How to Get Aberrant Cinders for Mystery Chests

To get Aberrant Cinders for Mystery Chests you can complete Helltide Events. Just like the chests each Helltide Event also resets every hour. So you can repeatedly participate in different Helltide Events and stack up on these Cinders before using them to get those chests.

But while you are at it don’t solo these events if possible. This is not because of their difficulty but rather the amount of cinder the mobs drop. You get more Cinder drops when playing in a party as opposed to when playing alone.

Keep farming the Helltide events as a party in different regions and you will stock up on a lot of Aberrant Cinders in no time. In case you aren’t sure when the next event will start then you can even take the help of helltide trackers.

That’s all for the best helltide map and mystery chests farming zones in Diablo 4. Since you are interested in this game you might find our other guides interesting on fixes for the Holy Chalice bug and A Chorus of Voices quest missing. And for other things on this game check out our Diablo 4 section.

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