Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Livestream Scheduled on August 5

Capcom has announced that it will host a livestream of the fighting game of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition next week to reveal more characters and content.

Capcom wants to offer the fighting game Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition a final season with which you want to bring new characters, stages, and more into the game. However, no details about the planned content had been released in the past few months. This should change in a few days.

Capcom has announced that on August 5, 2020, at 10:00 AM PDT a livestream for the Summer Update of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will be organized. As part of the livestream, new characters are to be unveiled, with news of the eSports events also being offered.

The developers also want to invite special guests. You will be able to follow the livestream on YouTube and Twitch.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is already available for PlayStation 4 and PC. In recent years, Capcom has increased the number of fighters significantly, with the aim of regularly offering players new challenges.

However, the question remains whether Capcom is already working on another Street Fighter that could appear for the next generation of consoles. As soon as the relevant details are revealed, we will bring you up to date news only on