Stranded Deep Raft Stuck Fix: How To Get It Unstuck

Unable to move the raft from the island? Check out our guide on how to fix the Stranded Deep Raft stuck issue.

Stranded Deep is a survival video game by an Australian Studio, the Beam Team. This game revolves around a plane crash survivor as they find themselves around the Pacific Ocean in several life-threatening situations. While you try to survive with your survival instincts and tactics, several players are facing an issue or bug. As players were trying to get their Life Raft out, they are unable to move the stuck raft from a rock or island. This issue has been plaguing the players for a long time. But is there a way to get your raft unstuck from there? Yes, there is! So, check out our guide on how to fix the Stranded Deep Raft Stuck issue.

How to Fix Stranded Deep Raft Stuck Issue

There are several ways or methods you can move the raft stuck on an island or rock. Multiple players suggested that reloading or restarting the save enables you to resolve this issue. But this might not be a suitable workaround for some players that have progressed further. Nevertheless, you can try it out to resolve this issue and get your raft unstuck.

stranded deep raft stuck
Image Source – David549 on YouTube.

As suggested by some players on the Reddit thread, you can also drag and push the Raft to resolve this issue. For this, you have to jump right into the water body. Once you are in the water, simply drag and push the raft to move it from the fixed place. You can do so by hitting the LT or L2 button. If you are a PC player, hit the right-click button on your mouse to do so.

This should hopefully resolve the stuck raft issue in Stranded Deep. There’s also another raft-related issue that’s been troubling players. Some players have stated that their raft disappears overnight. Scroll to the end to find out how to resolve it.

How to Fix Disappeared Raft Bug

The main reason for this bug or issue is the current of the ocean that takes away the rafts. Due to updates, your Rafts can float in the Stranded Deep, now. To prevent losing your Life Rafts, you can use an Anchor or dock your Raft around your Home Island.

Nevertheless, we suggest building a basic raft rather than the Life Raft.

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