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Stranded Deep Guide on How To Use Compass?

Compass can come in handy for navigation in Stranded Deep but only if you know how to use it.

You can find a compass in Stranded Deep. It can really come in handy while navigating, especially during rainy and foggy weather. You can acquire the compass hidden inside lockers found on the shipwrecks. However, acquiring the compass is not enough, you must also know how to use it. Hence, we are here with this guide on how to use a compass in Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep: How to Use Compass


You can use the compass in Stranded Deep by marking the degrees and points where you are heading. Once you get the value, all you need to do is follow the degree measured and you will reach the destination. The degree values on the compass represent the direction in the following ways:

How to use Compass in Stranded Deep?

  • North: 0 degrees or 360 degrees
  • East: 90 degrees
  • South: 180 degrees
  • West: 270 degrees

Stranded Deep: How to Find Your Way Back

You can also use the marked and recorded degrees to find your way back. All you need to do is either add or subtract 180 depending on the markings you have. If the recorded value is greater than 180⁰, subtract 180 from it. On the other hand, if the recorded value is less than 180⁰, add 180 to it. For instance, if the markings are 235⁰, you need to subtract 180 and the result will be 55⁰. Basically, the end value should be a number between 0⁰ and 360⁰.

Once you get the result value, all you need to do is follow that value until you reach the island where you begin.


That’s everything you need to know about how to use a compass in Stranded Deep. Apart from the compass, you will have to learn several other things to survive in the game. For instance, you will have to learn how to use Water Still to carry fresh water for drinking. You will also have to learn how to catch and cook fish for food.