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Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe: How To Make It

Here's a complete guide explaining how to craft a Stonecutter in Minecraft.

Stonecutter is a crafting station where you can craft stone and copper blocks in Minecraft. In this sandbox survival game, you can use different materials to craft tools, weapons, armor, and more. Moreover, you can also build structures like houses, castles, and forts. And what better material to build those than slabs, bricks, and stairs made of solid rocks? Moreover, the Stonecutter beats Crafting Table because of its efficiency. For example, using Crafting Table will get you 4 Stairs for 6 Stone Blocks, whereas a Stonecutter will get you all 6. Since resources are vital in this game, this guide will tell you how to get this useful equipment.

How to Make a Stonecutter in Minecraft (Crafting Recipe)

Stonecutter Recipe in Crafting Table


To make a Stonecutter, you will need the following ingredients:

You can get Stone by mining Cobblestone. You can find plenty of these around mines. Once you have enough of them, use a Furnace to smelt them into Rock Slabs. Moving on to the Iron Ingot, you’ll have to mine Iron Ore and smelt it in a furnace or a blast furnace to get it. Once you have all the ingredients, you can start the process.

To craft a Stonecutter, open the crafting menu on your Crafting Table. In the grid, fill three slots at the bottom with Stone Blocks. Then, place the Iron Ingot in the center slot above the Stones. By placing the materials in this order, you’ll get your Stonecutter. Now, you can access it from your inventory and place it anywhere. Unlike Crafting Table, lava or fire will not damage it.

Using Stonecutter

As we mentioned, Stonecutter in Minecraft is used for converting Stone Blocks into Slabs, Stairs, Bricks, Walls, and more. To use it, simply right-click on it and open the menu. Now place a block of compatible Stone or other material in the left slot. Once placed, you’ll get a list of available variants for that specific block. Select the ones you want and place them in your inventory after crafting.

That’s all from us on Minecraft Stonecutter recipe, how to craft, and how to use it. For more helpful guides like How to Make Anvil, make sure you visit our Minecraft guides section.