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How To Make An Anvil In Minecraft? (Explained)

Check out this guide to know the Recipe to make an Anvil in Minecraft. Also, learn how to use it.

In Minecraft, every item has its durability that reduces over time. Thanks to Anvil that help us not only repair an item but also rename them for the sake of customization. There are players out there who may not know the recipe to craft an Anvil in Minecraft. But, don’t worry, this guide got you covered. Make sure to read till the end to know how to make & use this block.

How to Craft Anvil in Minecraft? – Recipe

Like any other item in this game, you are required to collect the right ingredients to make an Anvil. Here are all the ingredients that you need:

How to Craft Anvil in Minecraft

Once you have collected these items, place them in the 3×3 crafting grid in the following order:

  • Place all the Blocks of Iron in the first row.
  • Place 3 Iron Ingot in the third row and the 4th one in the center grid.

If you have placed them correctly in this order, then you will receive the Anvil in Minecraft.

How to Use Anvil in Minecraft?

As mentioned above, Anvil is used to repair or rename items. On the Anvil, there are three slots that include:

How To Make & Use Anvil In Minecraft

  • Left Slot – The Target item which you want to modify
  • Middle Slot – The item which you will be adding in the Target.
  • Right Slot – The final product.

The bar at the bottom of these slots displays the required Enchantment level to execute the process. Here are the uses of Anvil in Minecraft:

Repair Item

In order to Repair an Item, you will have to use the material used to make that item. For example, if you want to repair an Iron Pickaxe, then you will be using an Iron. Although, items like bows or shears can’t be repaired with anything except for another bow or shear. Similarly, there are other exceptions like a Turtle Shell is repaired using Scutes, Elytra with Phantom Membranes, and Chain Armor with Iron Ingots.

Rename Item

Another major use of an Anvil in Minecraft is renaming an item or a stack of items. Further, the maximum length for renaming is 35 characters in Bedrock Edition. Whereas, in Java Edition, the character limit is 50 for renaming an item using Anvil. Moreover, some items have special effects once they are renamed.

  • Renaming the bucket of fish will rename the fish inside it as well.
  • Additionally, renaming a Spawn Egg will produce a mob with the same name.
  • Weapons that have been renamed show their name in the death message after killing a player.


Apart from using the Enchantment Table, one can use the Anvil to enchant an item as well. Simply put the item you want to Enchant in the left slot and the Enchanted Book in the right slot. Comparatively, it may cost a bit more to enchant an item than to repair or rename it.

That covers everything about the Anvil in Minecraft. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Minecraft Guides on Gamer Tweak.