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How To Get A Turtle Shell Helmet In Minecraft

Learn how to get the Turtle Shell Helmets in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a variety of helmets that the players can use. As of the Nether Update, there are 7 helmet types with each of them having a different purpose. Each helmet is a part of an Armor set except for one, which is the Turtle Shell Helmet. In today’s article, I will explain how you can get a Turtle Shell Helmet in Minecraft.

How to get a Turtle Shell Helmet in Minecraft


turtle shell helmet

Turtle Shell Helmets are craftable items in Minecraft. You can make them with a renewable resource called the Scute. A Scute is a resource that drops whenever a Turtle becomes an Adult from the Child stage. A Turtle will drop a single Scute in its lifetime. The recipe to make a Helmet is 5 materials in the shape of an upsidedown U. In this case as well, you need to take 5 Scutes and place them in the upsidedown U within the crafting table. And that’s how you can get a Turtle Shell Helmet in Minecraft.

A Turtle Shell Helmet is the only piece of armor that can be crafted with Scutes. Turtle Shell Helmets provides 2 Armor Points of Protection and 10 secs of Water Breathing. The Water Breathing effect can be reset by breaching the surface of the water for air. Like other Helmets the Aqua Affinity, Blast Protection, Curse of Binding, Curse of Vanishing, Fire Protection, Mending, Projectile Protection, Protection, Respiration, Thorns, and Unbreaking Enchantments can be applied to this Helmet.


How to get Scutes in Minecraft?

Like I have mentioned above, Scutes are obtained when a Turtle grows from its child form to its Adult form. So to obtain it, you will need to first find two Turtles. You will be able to find them on Sandy Beach Shorelines. Once you are there, you will need to feed the Turtles Sea Grass. It’s a common plant found at the ocean beds, lake beds, and river beds. Once you feed them, the normal breeding process of animals will begin. After breeding, one of the Turtle will lay eggs on the Sand Blocks. Once the eggs hatch, you will get a baby Turtle out of it. Feed it Sea Grass to grow bigger and once it grows, the Scute is yours. You can also check our guides on Hitboxes and Enchanted books in Minecraft.