How To Steal A Beehive In Lethal Company

Would you like to steal the beehive and stay alive? Read this guide to know how.

Stealing a beehive in Lethal Company isn’t as simple as collecting scattered scraps to meet your daily quota. It stands as one of the most daring tasks in the game—snatching the hive right from the bees and making a swift return to the ship.

While it might seem questionable whether it’s worth risking a life, considering the credits that beehives can yield might just make it worth the effort. Dive into this guide to discover how to successfully loot this item and safely return to the ship.

How to Steal a Beehive in Lethal Company

Steal Beehive In Lethal Company
YouTube Screenshot: El Slavo

As mentioned, stealing the beehive is a burdensome task you would put yourself in, but having a well-planned strategy can help you get through the swarm of circuit bees and come out alive. Given the aggressive nature of the circuit bees, it’s advisable to start the beehive hunt right before the ship launch. This way, you can ensure the bees won’t hunt you when you leave the ship.

Distraction Method

Your team needs to designate a hero (or a bait) willing to dive headfirst into the electric swarm of bees to allow the rest to gather some credits. Coordinate among your team members and select someone who can provoke the bees by sprinting toward their hive and swiftly changing direction. While the bees are distracted chasing the designated teammate, swiftly collect the hive and make a dash for the ship.

Solo Method

If you find yourself as the sole player in your team, it’s time to showcase your boss-level skills. This approach carries more risk than meeting your daily company quota. As the game’s hero, following a similar method as mentioned above, you’ll provoke the bees, distract them, and lead them in a circular chase.

Once the bees are diverted away from the hive, swiftly change your direction. Grab the hive quickly and continue your sprint towards the ship. Successfully reaching the ship rewards you with a significant credit share.

Beehive In Lethal Company
YouTube Credit: El Slavo

And there you have it, an insight into stealing a beehive in Lethal Company. While this task carries risk, the potential rewards make it worthwhile, offering a substantial credit haul compared to simpler loot scavenging. If you are invested in this game, it’s time to explore more Lethal Company guides that Gamer Tweak has in store for you.