How To Find Temples and Powers In Starfield

Wondering how to find the hidden temples and unlock powerful 24 abilities in Starfield? Check out our guide.

Temples are essential in Starfield, as they include mysterious artifacts that can grant players powerful new abilities. These ancient structures are hidden throughout the star systems of the Settled Systems, waiting to be discovered. Finding and accessing temples is no easy task, but their secrets hold powers that can significantly aid you in your journey. We’ll help you find temples in Starfield.

Where to Find First Temple in Starfield

How To Solve Temple Eta Puzzle In Starfield

Temples take the form of ancient stone structures tucked away on planets. Search the base of Temples for a narrow passageway holding a glittering golden door. These entryways can be hidden.

As part of the main story questline, your first Temple encounter will be Temple Eta on Procyon III. However, you’ll find no marker showing the temple’s exact location. Follow any clues you find, such as ruins in the distance or formations that seem unnatural.

To locate other temples, you can talk to Vladimir at The Eye headquarters on Eleusis. He will provide missions to search different planets. Equip your scanner and scan planets indicated in temple missions.

Temple locations are randomized, but you have a good chance of finding temples in these systems:

  • Cheyenne System
  • Procyon
  • Skink
  • Beyond Skink
  • Volii
  • Eridani Power Southwest from Mian Planet
  • Washakie
  • Volo
  • Omicron on Indum IV-D
  • PSI on Altair I
  • Lamda Heinlein VI-A

What are the Powers Within the Temples?

There is a wide variety of powers to discover, with 24 abilities. Each one possesses unique traits and effects when activated. Characteristics like range, damage type, cost, and cooldown time differentiate the powers. They can be accessed via the character menu. Equip one ability at a time for immediate access and flag additional favorites for swift selection during different scenarios.

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