How To Solve Temple Eta Puzzle In Starfield

Wondering how to solve the Temple Eta puzzle in Starfield to get your first Cosmic Power? Let's solve this zero-gravity puzzle.

One of Starfield’s most intriguing and challenging puzzles awaits exploration deep within Temple Eta on Procyon 3. Located by distorted scanner readings indicating an ancient gravitational anomaly, this hidden temple pulsates with the same strange energy as the artifacts you’ve collected.

Cracking the code within Temple Eta holds great reward – it bestows your first Cosmic Power, marking a milestone in unraveling Starfield’s biggest mysteries. We will explain how to solve the Temple Eta puzzle in Starfield.

What to Do in Temple Eta Puzzle in Starfield?

How To Solve Temple Eta Puzzle In Starfield

Stepping through the massive pillars guarding the entrance transports you to a room like no other – gravity ceases to function, yet spinning metal rings hover mysteriously in the center. Here, you must solve a bewildering puzzle like none seen before to accelerate the rings’ rotation. Your first task is to locate the flickering lights.

  1. Look around the room and be on the lookout for small pools of light that briefly flash in different areas. Only one will appear at a time.
  2. When you spot a light, immediately boost towards it using your sprint ability. You’ll need to move fast as the lights don’t last long.
  3. If you reach the light in time, you’ll hear a melodic chime and the central rings spin faster. So, one will be down.
  4. Keep your eyes peeled for the next light. The timer gets shorter each time, so be quick on your feet.
  5. Repeat the 2nd and 3rd steps three more times to catch four lights.
  6. After the fourth light, the rings will merge into a single stationary loop.
  7. Boost directly into the ring to claim your reward, one of Starfield’s mysterious Cosmic Powers.
  8. You’ll be launched out of the temple, and mission accomplished!

In the Temple Eta puzzle, you must navigate a zero-gravity environment to reach the exit. The main goal is to rotate the room to align the platforms and create a path to the exit. This can be challenging as the lack of gravity affects the character’s movements.

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