Best Stardust Cookie Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Make your Stardust Cookie an unstoppable force on the battlefield with these Best Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom.

You can make an overpowered build for Stardust Cookie by putting the Best Toppings on it in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). This cookie takes its place in the middle position and damages the enemies with its high ATK skills. And with our recommended Toppings, the Stardust Cookie will become a perfectionist in its role. So to make the Stardust Cookie even more delicious, here’s which toppings you can use.

What Toppings should you Use on the Stardust Cookie in CRK?

Searing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate, and Hard Walnut (all Moonkissed types) are the Toppings that go best with the Stardust Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK). Since this Cookie is an expert damage dealer, we must focus on boosting it further. That’s why we will be adding Searing Raspberry. Moreover, we have the Swift Chocolate topping so that the Stardust Cookie can recover quickly with a reduced cooldown period.

After focusing enough on the offense, we must also take care of the defensive stat. And this is where the Hard Walnut topping will play its role by increasing Defense. With that out of the way, here’s how you can put all these Toppings on the Stardust Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • 3x Searing Rasperry (Moonkissed)
  • 1x Swift Chocolate (Moonkissed)
  • 1x Hard Walnut (Moonkissed)
Best Toppings For Stardust Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)
Image Source: Cookie Run Kingdom

In case you want to try out some other toppings, you can refer to the table below. It features all the toppings and the benefit it brings.

Cookies Effect
Bouncy Caramel Increases ATK Speed
Fresh Kiwi Weakens Debuff Effects
Hard Walnut Increases Defense
Healthy Peanut Increases HP
Hearty Hazelnut Increases CRIT Resist
Juicy Apple Jelly Increases CRIT %
Searing Raspberry Increases ATK
Solid Almond Increases DMG Resist
Sweet Candy Amplifies Buff
Swift Chocolate Decreases Cooldown Period

Now that you have the Best Toppings for the Stardust Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), ensure to make the most out of it. Besides this, you can also check out our other guides on the Best Toppings for the Wildberry Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, and Pinecone Cookie. We have lots of such informative content stacked up in our CRK section. So make sure to check it out as well.