Stardew Valley: Where To Catch Tiger Trout (Location Guide)

Stardew Valley Tiger Trout is one of the darting fish that you wouldn’t find in all seasons. Here’s where and when you will.

In Stardew Valley fishing is among the activities that lets you make money fastest once you have mastered it. However, even after reaching the high level, there will be fishes that would not just dart but also solely appear during specific seasons and times. One such hyperactive fish is Tiger Trout.

While there are other ways to get it in the game, they will cost you a good amount of Gold. Rather than purchasing, it is better to prepare and use the items we have given here to catch and level up your skill, as well as earn profit from it.

Where to Find and Catch Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley

Find and Catch Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley
You can fish and purchase Tiger Trout in SDV (Image Credit: Waifu Simulator 27 on YouTube)

Tiger Trout is a diurnal caught from the Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest River, farm maps Riverlands Farm, Forest Farm, and Hill-Top Farm during Winter and Fall from 6 am to 7 pm. While you can use all types of bait to fish it, it is best to equip something like Challenge Bait. They will shorten the fish nibbling time and let you catch multiple at once. If you need to catch it in Summer or Spring, you can use the Magic Bait. The bait allows you to fish in any season and time of day.

It is a darting type, so its movements are random. Trap Bobber, which makes the progress bar decrease 33% slower when fish is outside the fishing bar is the best item to equip while reeling it in. You can craft or purchase it from Fish Shop after reaching Fishing level 6.

Aside from the fishing, you can get Tiger Trout from the Traveling Cart for 450–1,000g. You will find the cart in Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Sundays after 8 pm, and it has a rotating stock. From 15 to 17 of Winter, it is also found in the Night Market. Alternatively, it randomly becomes part of Krobus shop on Wednesdays and can be purchased for 200g.

Stardew Valley Quests That Require Tiger Trout

It occasionally appears on the Help Wanted during Winter and Fall. When Willy asks you to catch it, you get to keep the fish and receive 150g. Demetrius will request you to catch 10 Tiger Trout during Fall in the Special Orders board (Outside Mayor’s Manor).

Should You Sell or Gift Tiger Trout to Villagers?

Tiger Trout isn’t liked by many villagers, only Willy. Sebastian, Demetrius, Elliott, Pam, Leo, and Linus have neutral reactions to it, but others either dislike or hate it. It is better to sell them after gifting them to Willy. They will fetch you 150g at regular quality. The price will go up to 300g for the Iridium quality of the base and 450g for the Iridium quality of the Angler.

That’s all on where to find and what to do with Stardew Valley Tiger Trout. For fishing guides like this, you should check out our SDV section. There you will find out how to get Bream and Goby.