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Stardew Valley: How To Catch Lingcod?

Want to catch the Lingcod in Stardew Valley? We're here to show you how to get it.

Stardew Valley, like the outside world, has a lot of tasks to play with. The character you make inherits his grandfather’s farm at Stardew Valley. Players can Customize their dream farm, explore the valley surroundings, and do a lot more, making the game really engaging. With So many resources available to grab, like the Lingcod, players might not be able to get their hands on all of them. This is where we step in to help you guide towards it, so stick around till the end to know how to catch the Lingcod in Stardew Valley.

How to Catch Lingcod?


Stardew Valley: How To Catch Lingcod

You can look for the Lingcod in the River as well as at the Mountain Lake. Make sure to check the River in Pelican town or Cindersap Forest. Lingcods are predator fish, and they don’t come down easy, so you might want to increase your fishing levels before trying to grab them. Once at the River or the Mountain Lake, use your fishing rod, and you’ll be able to get it in your first or second attempt itself. You can fish it for Willy in exchange for some coins also. Lingcod randomly appears in Krobu’s shop on Wednesdays also, so do check out there, and if you are lucky, you might find some there.

Lingcods can also be put in a pond where they will reproduce every four days, so you don’t have to go fishing the next time. Lingcod can be used to create Fishing Vests also. For this, you’ll have to put them in the Sewing machine. This Predator fish is difficult to catch hold of, but we hope this guide will help in getting on for your pond. Do keep in mind Lingcods cannot be used in Bundles.


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