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StarCraft 2 Cheats: All Available Cheat Codes In 2023 For God Mode, Easter Eggs & More!

Check out the cheat codes for StarCraft 2

If you are looking for some Starcraft 2 cheats to breeze through or establish dominance in single-player mode, you have come to the right place. This guide will show you the best single-player StarCraft II cheat codes that you can use. But remember that your achievements will be deactivated for the campaign if you use the cheats in. For achievements, start a new campaign or load a previous save that doesn’t use any cheat.

All Starcraft 2 Cheats & List (2023)

starcraft 2 cheat codes

These StarCraft II cheat codes have been added by the official makers of the game (for single-player only) and will not suspend accounts if used.

  • Bunker55AliveInside – This will the deactivate need for supplies like food
  • CatFoodForPrawnGuns – This will allow rapid Builds and quick Upgrades
  • EyeOfSauron – Opens all Cinematics
  • HanShotFirst – This will disable Cooldowns on Spells
  • HoradricCube – Unlocks all Research Options
  • IAmIronMan – You will immediately unlocks all Upgrades with this
  • ImADoctorNotARoachJim – You can heal your unit quickly with this
  • Jaynestown – 5000 Terrazine will be added
  • LeaveYourSleep – Unlocks all Missions
  • LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven – This will defeat you immediately
  • MoreDotsMoreDots – All Units and Buildings can be built for free
  • NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender – You will be able to continue playing even after being defeated
  • RealMenDrillDeep – This will add 5000 Gasoline
  • SoSayWeAll – This will enable the use of all Tech
  • SpectralTiger – This will add 5000 Minerals
  • StayClassyMarSara – Grants access to all UNN TV News Broadcasts*
  • TerribleTerribleDamage – This cheat will enable the God Mode
  • TookTheRedPill – This will deactivate Fog of War
  • TyuHasLeftTheGame – This will deactivate victory conditions to enable continued play
  • WhatIsBestInLife – This will provide instant victory
  • WhoRunBartertown – 5000 of each Resource will be added
  • WhySoSerious – Gives 5 Million Credits*

*Note: The cheat codes marked with an asterisk don’t work in the Heart of the Swarm DLC.

Easter Egg Cheat

There’s also a StarCraft 2 Easter Egg cheat code which will not disable the achievement rating. It’s OverEngineeredCodPiece, and it plays the song Terran Up the Night. Pretty cool!

How to Enable Starcraft II Cheat Codes?

To use cheats, press enter, after which a speech box will appear. Type the cheat codes given below to apply the cheat instantly.

So these were the StarCraft 2 Cheats you can use without any worries in single-player mode. For more cheats, tips, tricks and unlocks stay with GamerTweak.