Bodycam: How To Plant The Bomb

To complete the main objectives in one of the game modes, you will need to learn how to plant the bomb in Bodycam. Here’s how you can use this explosive.

With interesting map designs, dynamic weapons, action-packed combat, and different game modes, Bodycam allows players to delve into the world of ultra-detailed environments and in-depth tactics. Similarly, while completing the challenges in the Body Bomb game mode, the main objective of one of the teams will be to plant a bomb in Bodycam.

As a result, the challenge of activating and planting the bomb is crucial if you want your team to win the round. To learn how you can complete this objective and defeat the opposing team, here’s everything you need to know about this process.

How to Plant the Bomb in Bodycam

Bodycam How To Plant The Bomb
Image Credits – VARIANT on YouTube

As mentioned earlier, the process of activating and planting the bomb while playing the Body Bomb game mode is one of the main challenges you will encounter.

However, by following the steps mentioned in this guide, you will easily be able to complete this task and plant the bomb in Bodycam. Here’s the list of all the steps you need to take:

  • Press E to pick up the bomb.
  • You will then have to hold MB1 until you have finished arming it.
  • Once this is done, all you need to do is press G to drop the bomb.

Make sure that your teammates are defending you while you are activating and planting the bomb. Additionally, if you are on the opposing team, to defuse the bomb, all you need to do is press E to pick it up, then hold the Left-mouse button so that your character can enter the code, deactivate it, and win the round by defusing the bomb.

This is how you can plant the bomb in Bodycam and how you can defuse it as well. If you are interested in learning more about this game, browse through all our recent Video Game guides.