How To Get Starfield Star Eagle Ship

To earn the powerful Star Eagle ship, we will explain how to join the Freestar Rangers faction in Starfield.

You are rewarded with some of the best starships for completing specific missions and quests in Starfield, and the Star Eagle is one of them. With impressive stats, maneuverability, firepower, and massive cargo space, this Class A flagship freighter is a dream for any trader or explorer looking to traverse Starfield in style and safety.

Star Eagle is an excellent multi-purpose ship thanks to its well-rounded specs and versatility. Claiming it early in your playthrough will give you a top-of-the-line mobile base for the rest of your game journey.

How to Join Freestar Rangers to Get Star Eagle Ship in Starfield

How To Get Star Eagle Ship In Starfield

Progressing through the main storyline in Starfield, you’ll reach a mission that takes you to Akila City with Sam Coe. This mission involves negotiating with Gal Bank on behalf of an organization called The Constellation.

After wrapping up the key negotiations in Akila City, you should head to a bar called The Rock, located in the city’s central area. Speak with Emma inside this bar and let her know you want to join the Freestar Rangers faction. Telling Emma you wish to join the Freestar Rangers will kick off a series of missions aligned with their faction, known as the Freestar Collective.

Completing missions for the Freestar Collective will eventually lead you to acquire the Star Eagle spaceship as a reward. However, be aware that while doing missions for the Freestar Rangers, you’ll have to make major decisions that will impact the overall storyline in Starfield.

Can’t Find Star Eagle After Finishing Freestar Ranger?

If you’ve finished the questline but can’t find Star Eagle, don’t panic. Travel to any Spaceport Technician in the game and request it. You can then select the Star Eagle as your active personal starship. The technician will summon it to that spaceport for you.

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