Elden Ring: Standard Vs Quality Affinity

Confused about which affinities to choose? Check out our guide on whether to choose Standard or Quality affinity in Elden Ring.

There’s a wide range of weapons that you can equip as you progress through the Lands Between in Elden Ring. But to fight stronger bosses, you need weapons of higher scaling. You can increase the scaling of a weapon by applying the Ashes of War and affinities onto the weapon. Speaking of affinities, they not only increase the power scaling but also adds status and damage effects. You can apply affinities once you have obtained Whetblades for the affinities. As there are over 12 affinities, players are fairly confused about which affinities to choose. So, here’s our guide on whether to choose standard or quality affinity in Elden Ring.

Standard Vs Quality Affinity in Elden Ring

While the Standard affinity scales the weapon’s attributes to its default stat, Quality affinity balances its Strength and dexterity attributes. Though the quality affinity balances the weapon’s Strength and Dexterity, it lowers the base damage. So, Quality affinity can increase the scaling damage of these attributes but reduce base damage. In addition to that, the Quality affinity also applies some passive effects depending on the Ashes of the war.

standard vs quality affinity in elden ring

Although choosing a suitable affinity for a weapon is solely your choice to decide. It differs and depends on the stats of a weapon you are applying it onto. If the strength and dexterity attributes are already balanced out, we suggest going for the Standard affinity. Always look at the numbers of the Base damage and the Scaling when applying affinity to a weapon.

Scroll till the end to find out all the affinities and their effects.

Elden Ring Weapon Affinities

These are all the different types of affinities you can apply to a weapon:

  • Standard: It is the normal default state.
  • Sacred: Although it balances out the Holy damage and faith attributes, it decreases all other scaling and base damage.
  • Quality: Balances out the Strength and Dexterity scaling while lowering other attributes.
  • Poison: It increases Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane scaling. Also adds a Poison build-up status effect.
  • Occult: Though increases Arcane scaling decreases other attributes and scaling.
  • Magic: Balances out the Magic and Intelligence scaling at the cost of physical base damage. While increasing Magic defense lowers all other defenses.
  • Lightning: Boosts the Dexterity and adds Lightning damage. But decreases the base damage and other attributes.
  • Keen: Increases the Dexterity attributes but reduces other attributes.
  • Heavy: While it increases the Strength attributes, it reduces all the other attributes.
  • Fire: It adds to Fire damage and boosts the Fire defenses. But reduces the base damage and another scaling.
  • Cold/Frost: Enhances the Intelligence scaling but reduces other scaling and base damage.
  • Blood: Increases the Arcane scaling but decreases other attributes and scaling. Adds a Blood loss or Hemorrhage status build-up.

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