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Elden Ring Holy Damage Explained

Tired of dying from Holy Damage in Elden Ring? Keep reading this guide to learn everything about it.

While playing Elden Ring you will come across enemies that attack dealing Holy Damage. This can be annoying as you have become used to tanking most attacks with your shield but these still chip away your health. Although, the good thing is if you learn how this damage works you can not only defend yourself but use it to your advantage. So in this guide let us take a look at what Holy damage is in Elden Ring, also learn if it is good and how to defend yourself from it.

What is Holy Damage in Elden Ring?


elden ring holy damage explained

Holy Damage is an Elemental type of damage. The other elemental damage types include Magic, Fire, and Lightning. This is a damage type that foes and players can use alike. There are different weapons, weapons skills, and incantations that you can use to deal holy damage. This damage type comes in handy when you want to penetrate your enemy’s defenses. It also is useful when you find out the enemy that is weak to it. As you can then use such attacks to deal more damage to them and eliminate them quickly. You can identify holy attacks by their golden color and shine.

Is Holy Damage Good in Elden Ring?


Yes, Holy damage is an excellent type of elemental damage. As explained above you can use it to quickly eliminate enemies that are weak to it. It is also very handy to attack your enemies through their shields. So if your enemy is able to completely negate any of your physical attacks, having holy damage will still help you in chipping away their health.

How to Prevent taking Holy Damage

You can prevent yourself from taking Holy Damage by upgrading your shield through the sacred upgrade path. This will allow you to imbue it with holy properties and increase its defense.


Best Weapons to use for Holy Damage

  • Gargoyle’s Black Axe
  • Maliketh’s Black Blade
  • Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword
  • Envoy’s Greathorn
  • Eclipse Shotel
  • Erdtree Bow
  • Black Knife
  • Cipher Pata

Best Incantation for dealing Holy Damage


  • Litany of Proper Death

Best Weapon Skill for dealing Holy Damage

  • Blade of Gold

That sums up this guide on everything you should know about Holy Damage. Now that you know about it, check our guides to learn about the best bleed weapons and the best seals to use in Elden Ring.