Elden Ring: Two-Handed Vs Dual-Wield

Not sure if using your weapon two-handed or dual-wielding is better in Elden Ring? Check out this guide to learn about both.

While playing Elden Ring, you might be wondering if you should use your weapon two-handed, or is it better to dual wield. Both of these ways to use weapons have their own merits and demerits. But while that might be the case one of the methods is slightly better than the others. So in this guide let us check two-handed vs dual-wield weapon use in Elden Ring.

Two-Handed Vs Dual Wield in Elden Ring

elden ring two-handed vs dual-wield

When you compare both of these combat styles it is safe to say that using your weapon Two-handed is better and more efficient than dual wield. Let us learn about both of them.

  • Two-handed: In order to use your weapon with both your hands you have to press Triangle and R1 on your PlayStation controller. Xbox players can do the same by pressing the Y and RB buttons. Once you know how to switch between two-handed and single-handed handling of your weapon. You can do a ton of damage to any enemy or a boss. The trick here is to be quick and learn their attack pattern. This might come across cheesy but hear me out.
    You should use your weapon two-handed when attacking the enemy. Once you know that the enemy is about to attack switch to single-handed mode and equip a shield. When you do this correctly you are ready to guard yourself against incoming attacks. Now not only do you have high damage with your existing weapon but also have a good defense thanks to your shield.
    Again you will need to practice doing this before trying it in actual battles. Because timing your swap can be difficult and tricky at times.
  • Dual Wield Weapons: While dual-wielding your weapons is not a bad thing there is a slight problem with it. And that problem is that you are left defenseless. So while it is great for attacking, if you are not careful you can take hits very easily. And another minor flaw of dual-wielding is it is essentially two light attacks. So if you want to do some significant damage you should upgrade both your weapons. Although you do get to Power stance while dual-wielding.

In conclusion, if you are wondering whether your should use your weapon two-handed or dual-wield it then go for two-handed.

That covers this guide on whether you should use your weapon two-handed vs dual-wield in Elden Ring. You should check out our Elden Ring section to get help on more similar topics like soft caps for stats, best bleed weapon, and more.