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How To Increase Your Speed In Madden 21

Sprint and run faster in Madden 21

The latest installment of the American Football Franchise Game Madden is here. Madden 21 brings you a whole new offensive and defensive mechanics than its previous installments. Winning any game in Madden 21 all depends on how well you know these mechanics. Since speed is a vital need in Madden 21, here’s how you can increase your speed in Madden 21.

How to Sprint And Run Faster in Madden 21

Increasing your speed in Madden 21 is fairly simple. All you need to do is push your left analog stick in both PS4 and Xbox One in the direction in which you want your player to run faster. You can further increase your speed by sprinting. This is done by pressing R2 in PS4 and RT in Xbox One while tilting the left analog stick. This will push your player to run to its maximum speed according to his stats.

Increasing your speed to sprint and run faster in Madden 21 is an important strategy as it will help you perform various other actions that can mean the difference between victory and loss. For instance, you can slide in Madden 21 while running and sprinting. To perform a QB slide in Madden 21, hit the square button in PS4 and X in Xbox One. There are also possibilities to perform a non-QB slide by pressing the square button in PS4 and X in Xbox One twice. An important thing to note is that to perform a slide you should have crossed the scrimmage line, otherwise your player will initiate a pass instead of a slide.

That’s how you increase your speed in Madden 21 to sprint and run faster. While running faster and then timing your jump or dive, you can block a field goal, amazing right? You should also master other Madden mechanics like striping the ball successfully to increase your win rate.